MORE10 Car Hacks Every Driver Should Know 2020

10 Car Hacks Every Driver Should Know 2020

There are many car problems that can be solved with car hacks, a little effort, and some ingenuity.

Some mechanic workshops charge hundreds of dollars to fix relatively simple issues and people pay out huge amounts of money to fix simple little problems.

Below are some car hacks you can follow to save yourself some money and make your car experience more delightful.

Use Toothpaste To Clean Those Headlamps

Car Hacks

This one is very easy but requires a little effort and strength. Use some toothpaste and rub it all over the glass cover over your headlamp.

Let it stay for a while then rinse with clean water and dry. This will remove the groggy glaze that covers them.

If you want to remain that way, use some furniture polish or car wax to keep them clean.

Use a Plunger to Fix Dents

Car Hacks

This is one of the car hacks you don’t know about. If you don’t feel like paying a mechanic to do basically this exact same thing you can do it on your own.

Do note that this won’t work for severe damage but only for smaller dents. It’s also worth mentioning that this method also works with other things like dents on washers and dryers.

It’s really simple to do because all you are doing is taking a plunger to your car door!

Get a Magnetic Phone Mount

Magnetic Phone Mount

Honestly, you can easily find one on Amazon for as low as 10 bucks, and they are such a game-changer.

Price On Jumia: Click Here

Not having to touch your phone mount any time you get into and out of the car is worth the (very small!) investment. This hack is very cheap!

Boost The Range of Your Remote Alarm by Holding it Close To Your Chin

car hacks

Yes, this truly works. The science behind it is indeed very simple. Your head contains fluids and fluids are a good conductor.

So when you put your key remote close to your skull your head turns to an antenna which can extend the range of your alarm. It won’t be that far but it does actually work.

Use a Plastic Container as a Trash Can

Those receptacles on the driver and passenger side doors are trash. You can never put anything of reasonable in there and cleaning them is a pain in the ass. Solve both problems at once by using a plastic cereal container. If you have one with a big hole you can put anything in there and you can even put trash bags in there so you can empty it out easier. The cheap and can make your car look clean.

Use a Basket to Organize Your Things


I know your car is probably a mess. If you have a laundry basket you will place to put all of your stuff so it won’t litter your car. You can pick up one of these on Amazon store for a couple of dollars and you don’t have to worry about stuff being littered around your car!

Price On Jumia: Click Here

Park Facing East

car hacks

This is one among the tricky car hacks I want to share but it’s so amazing when you do it. When you want to park your car, make sure you park facing east pole. Since the sun rises from the east, it will be radiating its warm air all over the windscreen of your car long before you need to drive again. This can dramatically reduce the melting time of ice and it will help you avoid getting back out to scrape it off manually.

Use Your Seat Warmer to Keep Food Warm

Seat Warmer

Not all cars have a seat warmer but if your car comes with one then it can serve this purpose. When you buy food from a restaurant, turn your seat warmer on and put the food on the seat. It won’t cook your food but it will definitely help slow the process of cooling so your food stays warmer longer.

Use a Shoe as a Cup Holder

car hacks

Almost all cars come with cup holders but not all cup holders are okay. Sometimes you need something better to hold your drink than a cup holder that is not deep enough to hold it properly. The answer is your shoe! Use tennis shoes to put your drink in. since the opening is adjustable can contain nearly every cup. It’s also deeper and secure than many cup holders and the shoe itself is heavy enough to prevent spills. This is also a great car hack when you need a secure cup holder.

Everyone Should Know the Penny Trick!

car hacks

This car hack is not concerned about car looks; it is about your safety on the road. Place a coin in your tire treads (Lincoln’s head should be upside-down). If your tire tread covers part of his head, you’re in good shape. But, If it doesn’t touch his head, change your tires ASAP.

Wrap Up

There are many fun things you can do to make your car more comfortable. With these little car hacks I have shared with you, you can save time, money, and make your car enjoyable. It will even help keep you safer at night with those brighter headlamps!

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