MORE5 Steps To Set Up An Online Art Gallery

5 Steps To Set Up An Online Art Gallery

Artists have been selling their art in the traditional route of physical art galleries for a long time now. The need for curators and publishers to represent artists is crucial in making sales in the conventional methods. However, most art galleries are shutting down due to a decline in visitors and sales. Artists and curators of physical art galleries are taking advantage of the rapid boom in online art galleries and switched to online modes for selling art.

According to the trade report of online art 2020, prepared by Hiscox, the sales numbers reached 4.82 billion dollars in 2019. That marks a four percent increase from the former year, where the sales numbers for online art were 3.75 billion dollars. If you are thinking of setting up an online art gallery and confused about where to begin, here are the five crucial steps that may help you out.

Create a website

The first and foremost thing is to create a website dedicated to your artwork. The primary step in creating a website is choosing the domain name. That helps your fans access art online. Moreover, the domain name should also be catchy and easy to remember. Design the aesthetics of the website according to your artistic choices and make it eye-appealing.

Creating the website is similar to laying a foundation for your online art gallery. It’s better to secure the website as web users are more likely to visit and use websites with an SSL certificate.

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Do some basic SEO research and optimize your website to rank better on google’s search results. When your website shows up on the first page of Google search results, the number of visitors to your website increases massively. Once you have created the website, you can ask further questions such as how to price your art, what payment methods to include, etc.

Online Art Gallery

Post-high-quality images

Here’s the most crucial part after creating a website. The difference between viewing a painting or artwork physically and virtually through images is massive. Therefore, the need for accurate representation through images is crucial. Invest in one of the best camera gears, or get a favor from a professional photographer friend to click high-resolution images of your artwork.

Presentation of art is an area of expertise that most physical art galleries have mastered. It is one of the reasons that attract art enthusiasts to some pieces of art and boosts sales. Image scanning is one of the cost-efficient ways to represent any two-dimensional artwork. Including the 3D viewer’s option may help immensely, as customers will have an in-depth look at the art from various angles and dimensions similar to a physical art gallery.

Write in-depth descriptions

Having detailed and in-depth descriptions of the artwork and artist mentioned in the online art gallery is also crucial. Art enthusiasts are also interested in the artist’s philosophy and background stories related to their artwork. So, don’t shy away from adding a brief background story for each artwork. The mandatory details to mention with the artwork include the type of canvas, materials, size and dimensions, price, etc.

One should also consider mentioning the shipping information, whether there are any additional shipping charges, how secure is the packaging, etc. Mentioning such information will help the customer decide whether the artwork is the right pick for them or not. With no room for doubt regarding the art, you can boost sales and customer retention as well.

Setup easy payment modes

All the steps make no sense if your online art gallery does not have flexible and easy to use payment methods. Ensure to include multiple modes of payment to allow customers to choose the convenient one accordingly. Using a trustworthy payment gateway ensures faster checkouts with fewer errors. Having trouble with payment modes may impact your sales negatively. Ensure that your website accepts all debit and credit cards, online banking, etc.

Besides, as a payment gateway, the checkout page should be enabled with an SSL certificate. SSL certificates can be of any type like wildcard SSL, multi-domain, Standard SSL certificate. The reason is to secure customers’ information that they share with your website.

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Prompting the customers to save the card information for faster checkouts is another measure to increase customer convenience. The percentage of e-commerce transactions using mobile and digital wallets was 41.8 in 2019. Therefore, including digital wallets and payment services like Square and Paypal plays is essential.

Online Art Gallery

Promote the online art gallery

Here’s the final step of setting up and running an online art gallery. Once you’ve set up the online art gallery, it’s time to promote your brand. Most artists manage to set up an online art gallery but fail to run it successfully because of poor marketing skills.

Brush up your digital marketing skills to boost sales and visibility. It is evident why almost all companies spend a ton on internet marketing. However, you can promote your online art gallery without breaking the bank.

Use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., to build an audience and promote your artwork. You can also send notifications and updates from your website to the customers once they register as users.

Online Art Gallery

Final Thoughts

Setting up an online art gallery is a time taking process. Therefore, it’s essential to be patient and put in the necessary work. Web protection is crucial as it protects both the admin and the users from cyber-attacks. Therefore, focus on securing and optimizing your online art gallery website. There are a plethora of internet marketing extensions and tools available online, so make use of them. Platforms like Facebook can help immensely in developing your online art gallery.

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