GAMING 6 Best Gaming Monitors For PS4 and PS4 Pro

6 Best Gaming Monitors For PS4 and PS4 Pro

6 Best Gaming Monitors For PS4 and PS4 Pro. Gaming monitors are quite different from normal TVs and monitors. They are mostly optimized specially for gaming. TV’s are okay for gaming but a more sensitive gaming monitor could be better.

Many monitors have been reviewed so far, and below are some of our top picks for the best monitors for PS4 and PS4 Pro gaming.

See also things to look out for in a ps4 gaming monitor before buying anyone of them. If you’re looking for good Bluetooth speakers, check out our list top choices.

Things to look out for in a ps4 gaming monitor


This is probably the first thing to consider, before selecting a gaming monitor. The recommended resolution is about 1920×1080 for a better gaming experience. It is not necessary to buy a higher resolution than this for the PS4 and Xbox One games.

Screen Size

The required screen size for gaming monitors is anything above 22 inches. This ensures that you have good game sessions. But the distance between you and the screen needs to be considered.

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If you’ll be sitting in front of the monitor then a 24-inch monitor is ideal. If you’ll be sitting on a couch while the monitor sits on the other end of the room, then a 27 inch is better.

Refresh Rate

As we deal with PS4 and PS4 Pro, a lower refresh rate will work better because the max FPS you will get is 60. That is why you don’t need to a high refresh rate gaming monitors that cost more. A 60hz monitor will work just well for consoles.

Response Time

It is always encouraged to go for the gaming monitors with lower response times. The value depends greatly on the panel type of the monitor. For the TN panel, the preferred response time is 1 ms and for IPS panels, it can be around 5ms.

Best Gaming Monitors For PS4 and PS4 Pro

Samsung CHG70

Best Gaming Monitors For PS4

The Samsung CHG70 is a superb VA-type LCD monitor with greater picture quality than average. It has a high contrast ratio and also enabled for both HDR and wider color gamuts.

This is a great gaming monitor. Its high refresh rate, image flicker and relatively fast response times offer a very sharp and fluid motion. Its HDMI 2.0 input makes it a perfect choice for those that also want to use their monitor with PS4.


  • High contrast gives good picture quality
  • The high refresh rate for gaming
  • Wide color gamut and HDR support


  • Cloudy blacks lack uniformity
  • Narrow viewing angles

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LG 27UK650-W

The LG 27UK850-W looks very nice with its thin sloping edges, but it’s features that make this monitor exciting.

It features a 4K resolution with an IPS display. The colors are realistic and only get magnified more with its HDR support. Just make sure that your PS4 or PS4 pro supports this feature to take advantage of it.

This monitor features Freesync meaning you can experience smooth gameplay from your gaming PC also.


  • IPS panel
  • 4K resolution
  • Freesync
  • Thin sloping edges


  • Expensive
  • Low response time (5ms)

Dell U2718Q

Best Gaming Monitors For PS4

If you find the LG 27UK850-W to be too expensive or maybe you won’t be taking advantage of the AMD FreeSync feature, then this is for yours.

The Dell U2718Q is very similar to the LG 27UK850-W. This is one of the most preferred gaming monitors for console players because the graphics display is far better. This is an excellent substitute for the LG monitor.


  • IPS panel for great colours
  • 4K resolution
  • Large screen
  • The stand has a cable management holder


  • A little bit expensive
  • 5ms response time


Best Gaming Monitors For PS4

If you are more of a competitive gamer and desire better performance and speed over high resolution and color reproduction, then this is the best PS4 monitor for you.

The Asus VP28UQG comes with Eye Care technology that prevents eye strain and ailments. Note that this doesn’t have the best viewing angles but it is best suited if you are sat directly in front. The beauty of this monitor is it does all this at a much lower price.


  • 4K resolution
  • Fast response rate
  • FreeSync technology
  • Asus Eye Care Technology


  • Poor viewing angles
  • Not VESA compatible
  • Only has tilt adjustment

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BenQ RL2755

BenQ RL2755

The BenQ RL2755 is the best choice for console gamers who prefer a fast responsive gaming monitor. The monitor also has a headset holder around the back which makes the desk space up clean and organized.

The BenQ RL2755 is a great gaming monitor thanks to its balance between cost and its features.


  • 1ms response time
  • Has a gaming console rest
  • Built-in speakers
  • With retractable headset holder
  • With cable management holder


  • Poor viewing angles
  • TN panel
  • Only has tilt adjustment

BenQ RL2455

Best Gaming Monitors For PS4

The BenQ RL2455 is a solid monitor for console gaming. The BenQ RL2455 is similar to the RL2755 but it’s 3 inches smaller. This monitor features an Eye Care technology so gaming for long hours won’t be an issue.

the BenQ RL2455 is optimized for competitive gaming on the PS4 but it works very for the same reasons on all platforms.


  • Has a gaming console rest
  • 1ms response time
  • 60Hz refresh rate
  • With Eye Care technology
  • With built-in speakers


  • Smaller 24” screen size
  • Only has tilt adjustment

Conclusion On Best Gaming Monitors For PS4 and PS4 Pro

If you are a hungry gamer, investing in a console gaming monitor is a great idea. All the products discussed here are some of the Best Gaming Monitors with review feedback from their customers.

So, we are sure that one or more of the products discussed here will satisfy your needs. As you have also learned the things to look out for before making a selection.

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