REVIEWS8 Must Have Android Apps 2020

8 Must Have Android Apps 2020

Are you looking for great Android apps to download this year? Go through this list of must-have Android apps which will make your Android phone an amazing one.

Years back people were a bit skeptical about Android apps. But today over a million apps are available in the google play store for people to download and install.

I have deliberately not mentioned Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Google Apps and Snapchat in this post because they must have been pre-installed on your device.

So, let’s have a look at some of the must-have Android apps that will keep you entertained in 2020.

Must-Have Android Apps

Headspacemust have android apps

This is an amazing meditation app that helps you achieve your day to day activities.

This app helps you make a better relationship and relieve you of stress. So, Android users get ready to have a more positive life.

Essential Timetable

Essential Timetable

Essential Timetable is one of the most installed android timetable maker apps on google play store right now.

Why? because it’s a simple and comprehensive lecture scheduling app for students. It displays scheduled classes with their appropriate times.

Additionally, it helps to keep students organized.

Essential Timetable is developed with an automatic notification system that gives a reminder every night ahead of the next day’s lectures

Also, another one every ten minutes before the lecture start.

So, install the best timetable schedule maker apps and start to plan before the exams catch you.

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Mintmust have android apps

Mint is an android money app that brings your bank accounts, credit cards, bills, and investment together.

So you can keep track of your savings and expenses. Fantastic right! it’s a much more needed app for people working.

Android Device Manager

must have android apps

This is a must-have android app. It is very helpful in a situation whereby your android device gets stole or lost.

This app will help you track your Android device while it is missing, reset it security lock, and also delete all your files and data.

So, stay connected and secure with your android device with the best android app.


must have android apps

Most android users are always in need of scanning documents like bills, invoices, photos and so on.

This app uses your phone camera to snap your documents.

It also has smart cropping and auto enhancing feature which allows you to share and upload your documents in PDF and JPEG format on social media.

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must have android apps

Back in the days when we had to write down all our passwords and keep them safe for the fear of hackers.

But LastPass has come to our rescue. LastPass is an android app that helps us secure and remember our passwords.

You don’t have to be scared of using this app because it uses end-to-end encryption for security.


must have android apps

Morecast is an android app that gives you an accurate weather report.
This app has become one of my favorite weather apps because of its user-friendly interface and layout.
It is the best navigator app you need to get.

WPS Office

must have android apps

This app is free and is fully suited up with MS office.
This is the only app with all the MS office features like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, excel and also integrates the PDF, spreadsheets, documents, and memo, etc.
The app is very easy to use, and also you can connect to the google drive where you can save your important documents in the cloud storage.


These are some of the must-have Android apps needed to be installed on your phone.
But, there are still lots of helpful apps waiting to be installed on your device.
So, hunt some of the best apps from the play store.
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