Airpods Pro Review: Everything You Need To Know. Well, I want to share my hobby is listening to music and watching web series on my smartphone.

Likewise, I always prefer wireless earphones or ear pods. On this subject a new and super cool gadget is introduced by Apple is their Airpods Pro.

If Apple is launching any of their wired or wireless earphones I am always ready to try them first and post my reviews regarding that.

Well who doesn’t love apple products, I think everyone has an amazing experience using Apple products such as iPhone, or earphones and now Airpods.

Let’s discuss them in detail below.

Airpods Pro Released Date

Listed on Amazon for the first time on October 27, 2019

Airpods Pro Price

The market price for Airpods Pro in Nigeria Starts from 90,000 Naira.

Price On Jumia: Click Here

Airpods Pro Features and description

Airpods Pro

Our favorite Apple Airpods review has an active noise cancellation for immersive sound quality, it offers transparency mode for listening and connecting to the world around us.

Technical Information About Apple AirPods Pro

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The weight

AirPods (each): 5.4 g (0.19 oz);  Wireless charging case: 45.6 g (1.61 oz)


AirPods (each): 16.5 x 18.0 x 40.5 mm (0.94 x 0.86 inches), wireless charging case: 1.78 x 0.85 x 2.39 inches (45.2 x  21 inch) 7 x 60.6 mm)

AirPods Sensor

Double-beam microphone, optical double sensor, accelerometer with motion detection, accelerometer with speech recognition. handsfree.

Energy and Battery Life

AirPods Pro comes with a wireless charging case. Over 24 hours of listening time, up to 11 hours of talk time. The battery requires 3 lithium-ion batteries.  (Included in the price)

Insight into Airpods Pro Gadget

Airpods Pro

Active noise cancellation for immersive sound quality. Transparency mode for listening and connecting to the world around you. audio quality.

A more customizable fit for all-day comfort. Resistant to sweat and water.  All-in-one, super-light in-ear headphones that are easy to install with all your Apple devices.

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If you have a small boil in your ear and the original Airpods reviews are fully adjusted, then the Airpod Pro may be a little tight.

However, if you look at the in-ear design, the earpiece is inserted into the ear canal and the rest will float. Airpods case.

These headphones are intended for a closed environment rather than an open environment. true wireless earbuds.

Since this is an in-ear design, you can feel the effect of this hollow air until you activate transparency mode (later) or play music with it.

Seeing that it is in the ear, it is a tight grip, best for joggers who work hard often or if they often climb stairs.

It can also happen if you have an intensive training program and/or do extreme sports and you don’t mind. Airpods review.

The app contains a test to adapt the tips. The box has several earplugs. If you activate this function in the app, it will be checked and suggested which headsets are the best listening experience for you.


I love apple products, but I’m tired of the game with the iPhone 11, a new end of charging was introduced (not the one that goes into the phone, but the one that is put into the cube and then into the reception).

Airpods review comes with the same cable but without the cube. This means that if you don’t have an iPhone product, you won’t be able to charge any fees for these periods.

And this charging cable is useless unless you’ve already bought the iPhone 11. Apple charges a ridiculous premium for its products therefore I preferred to secure it with the appropriate hardware.

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