I am really fascinated by the Apple Watch Series 5 moreover if Apple launches a smartwatch then this is like a goldmine experience.

Well, to be honest, I don’t want to compare the series 5 watchdog Apple from any other because I think there are some unique features and styles that apple has offered into their new gadget.

Imagine how do you fell if you can click pictures and call or text anyone at any time just from your watch which is always there on your wrist.

It seems to be an amazing experience. Exactly this is a wonderful experience to use and run the functions of the new device.

Let’s discuss this in detail below.

Apple Watch Series 5 Released Date

It was launched on 20 September 2019 into the market and made available for the public.

Apple Watch Series 5 Price

The price for Apple watch series 5 ranges from $355

Price on jumia: Click Here

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Apple Watch Series 5 Specifications

Apple Watch Series 5


It is a water-resistant watch.


Accelerometer, geomagnetic sensor, gesture, gyro sensor, ambient light sensor, barometric altimeter,


Wireless supporting with Bluetooth 5.0


It runs for 18 hours non stop, with a wireless charging facility.

Software type

Apple pay


44mm smart and stylish watch.


Compatible with a touch screen.


UV index, activity, calories burned, steps taken, time, distance, heart rate, menstrual cycle.

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An Insight About The New Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5

You still need an iPhone to use the Apple Watch, but if you have one, it’s definitely your best bet.

It is difficult to find another smartwatch that is so attractive or that answers a message or a call so quickly.

With most competitors gone, Apple Watch’s position strengthens the best iOS watch.

I’ve been wearing the Series 5 for a few months now and it meets all of my requirements (except that it runs more than one day at a time).

It’s not an ideal device, but it is as close as possible in the world of wearable clothing.

Understand this well: Apple Watch Series 5. The all-in-one screen is the only new main feature.

You don’t need this feature, but apart from longer battery life, this was the only thing I was looking for.


Ultimately it’s an amazing experience to use this watch and above all, this is really comfortable on my wrist.

I don’t feel any itching into my hands even wear for a whole day in the office.

This super cool gadget is a must recommend for them who are tech lovers and want to try something new into their watch product.

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