GAMING Top 8 Android Apps To Download To Kill Time At Work 2020

Top 8 Android Apps To Download To Kill Time At Work 2020

It doesn’t matter who you’re, or what your job is, you’re perpetually going to need apps to download to kill time at some point within the day.

Whether or not it’s traveling to and from work or tagging on a shopping trip, boredom will terribly quickly set in.

Thus here are 8 apps to download to kill time which can, in turn, offer you that feeling of productivity and pleasure.

Best Apps to Download to Kill Time

Candy Crush

Here’s another game that may go down as a classic.

Candy Crush blew up and has truly been declared one among the toughest games to place down in the world, and a shining example of perfect game mechanics.

It’s a newer version of the old jewel games where players had to get together identical colored jewels in teams.

Android Apps To Download To Kill Time

Add a bit animation, a sweet-themed construct and also the inclusion of ‘special sweets’ and you have got yourself a dangerously-gripping game which will kill time..

Extremely recommended as one of the apps to download to kill time.

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Quiz Up

This app combines competitiveness with information, in {an exceedingly|in a very} game that challenges players on an array of various topics.

Quiz Up puts you up against a random opponent within the world with a subject matter of your choice (capital cities for example).

Each player then at the same time answer seven multiple-choice questions.

where points are attained based on firstly identifying the right answer, and secondly how quickly the solution was chosen.

It’s very addictive and fun, and may also teach you a thing or 2.


It would be hard to not include at least one major social media app on this list. Instagram is the chosen one.

Keeping within the grasp with all the celebrity gossip, viewing your mates’ stories and obtaining jealous from that annoying girl’s constant vacation posts are vital elements of Instagram.

The app offers an opportunity to get nearer together with your family, friends and even celebrities.

Thus keeping within the social loop may be an honest way to kill some time.


YouTube simply had to be included, strictly down to its scale.

With three hundred hours of video uploaded daily, there’s never going to be a shortage of content to look at.

Whether or not you’re looking at a ‘How to’ video or a podcast, the platform will keep you occupied for hours.

New themes and constant updates are making certain the positioning is contemporary and is kept up-to-date.


Poker is a nice game of talent, strategy and arithmetic.

It not solely enjoyable but can really get your brain operating as you decide whether or not to call, fold or raise every hand.

PokerStars is the world’s largest on-line poker web site.

Its app offers players a chance to own the same increased poker experience that they’d have to be compelled to play on a computer at home once they’re out and about.

Therefore the next time you get dragged on on a shopping trip, this app really might offer salvation.

It’s poker, anyplace you would like it!


Who doesn’t have a Netflix subscription these days?

The streaming service blew up and has become completely huge, with one hundred thirty million subscribers at present, and new exclusive shows being released often.

One good thing regarding the app though, is that content can be downloaded to store on a device and so be re-watched without the utilization of the net.

Doodle Jump

This is one of the original gaming apps, popular when the iPhone was 1st released.

Such an easy idea, however somehow, just ascending in between the ‘monsters’ whereas reaching to develop rocket boosts makes for an awfully smart game.

There’s simply one thing regarding launching off each floating platform that’s terribly satisfying.

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TuneIn Radio

Gone are the times of lugging a clunky box around with an aerial, to listen to the radio on the go.

These days, your phone can act like that ‘clunky box.’ With this app, you’ll hear many various worldwide radio stations and podcasts.

It’s very easy to get to the station or specific program you would like to listen to and what’s a lot of, it’s absolutely free.

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