Mubarak Abubakar

Mubarak Abubakr is a tech-savvy that loves writing almost all tech-related kinds of stuff. He is the Editor-in-Chief of Mouthytech.
325 articles

5 Newest Wireless Recorders this Year

New recorders have emerged with excellent new features for users. These recorders are not always equally effective in all situations. We should know which...

Increase Sales Rep Productivity with Sales Training Software

Sales training is at the heart of any sales team’s productivity. Sales managers must consider investing in sales training software to increase the productivity...

Tips to Improve iPhone Performance

Tips to Improve iPhone Performance. Is your iPhone feeling sluggish off late? Thinking of switching to the latest model? When you buy a new phone, you...

Top SEO practices to increase the reach of your business

If we talk in simple terms, SEO optimizes the website for higher ranks to increase organic traffic, leads, and eventually conversions. Basically, all search engines,...

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