MOBILEIOSBest Hidden Apps For Android And IOS 2020

Best Hidden Apps For Android And IOS 2020

These are just a few examples that can be used as hidden apps. As the generations have proceeded further, there has been an increase in the amount of privacy required. hide apps.

You can easily relate to your heart pounding out of your chest while your parents take your phone for a while or maybe your friends trying to watch something but end up landing somewhere else.

These moments are quite common these days with no solution. Wait, did I say no solution? Of course, there is a solution. hide apps.

Now you don’t have any problems with your privacy, No one will be able to go through your personal stuff, No more awkward situations, No more embarrassing moments.

Here we are providing you a range of hidden apps that will easily help you in hiding your private files.

  • Secret Photo Vault to hide your pictures – Keepsafe
  • Hiding both Pictures & Videos – Vaulty
  • Hiding Photos, Video and apps – Pic Safe
  • BlackHole – App Hiding
  • Locker – Hide Photos and Apps

Best App To Hide Apps On Android And IOS

Keep Safe

Best Hidden Apps

Want to put away all those private pictures before anyone goes across them even if by mistake?

This is one of the best-hidden apps that is trusted by millions of users to keep their secrets and stuff safe. hide apps.

You can easily find it on the Google play store or apple store and download it. The interface is easy to use. hide apps.

Simply choose the photos or videos you want to hide and keep them safe using PIN code, Password or Fingerprint lock.

Still, someone is trying to press hard on his/her luck while trying your pin multiple times? private photo vault.

Don’t worry this app will secretly click his/her picture and expose them to you. So, what are you waiting for? This is one step solution to all your problems.

Hide Pictures & Videos in Vaulty

Best Hidden Apps

Has it ever happened to you that someone took your phone and accidentally (or maybe not) deleted all the media from it?

Remember how cases like these made us turn off our phones while we were not using it. hide apps.

But now you don’t need to go to those extreme measures because most of the phones are locked with a fingerprint, pin or a password.

But still, a few extra security measures are never too extra.

You first need to download this hidden app – Vaulty and then press the lock icon at the top. Then tap on the album that you wish to lock from your phone. hide apps.

Now, tap the thumbnails to select the files, and then tap the lock button at the top to hide them. notes app.

Also, want to hide your pictures and videos? Simply select “share” on the picture and choose Vaulty. The photo you choose will be hidden from your gallery. photos on your iphone.

You can use either a PIN code or a password to protect your photos from intruders. hide apps.

Even if your phone is broken or lost you can still save your hidden media and recover it easily. hide apps.

If someone tries to log in to the gallery without your permission, this app will take a photo of the intruder secretly for you to view later.

Vaulty can play any video your device can handle and if there’s a format your phone can’t handle it natively, using third-party apps. open the photos app.

Pic Safe

Best Hidden Apps

Wondering how to keep the shamelessly curious eyes of others away from your photos? If you are tired of explaining to your friends, that your personal stuff is YOUR PERSONAL STUFF then you should finally start protecting your phone gallery from then somehow.

The best way? These hidden apps like Vaulty

Millions of people are facing similar problems like you and that’s why they are using hidden apps like Pic Safe all around the world. hide apps.

This is one of the best apps in countries like the USA, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, India, Italy, and many others more.

You can set the password for your photo gallery or set up a PIN code for security. There are other comfortable options like dart code and fingerprint that can be used.

When someone tries to break into your gallery without the correct password,  the app will take a pic of them and also send you the GPS location of the phone.

You can create albums, import and export photos and synchronize them with iTunes while directly using the app. hide apps.

The app also has an intuitive interface just like a regular photo app so you won’t have to waste your time on understanding it’s working.

Moreover, in Pic Safe you will also find a private browser that lets you surf the Internet without worrying about data theft. delete the photos.


Best Hidden Apps

Having several apps for security purposes can be useful for us but its also problematic since it brings us more stuff to look for.

Sometimes we even forget that we had a confidential file in a particular app and therefore expose it to our friends or colleagues.

Getting in an awkward situation or sometimes delete it unintentionally making us lose important stuff.

Black Hole is a great helper as those hidden apps all here for you. hide apps.

Sensitive apps can be locked with a password or be hidden and rough apps can be frozen in the background so they don’t waste the energy all using Black Hole.

There is also present a function of fake password. To unlock your apps faster you can choose a fingerprint method rather than Pin or password. hide apps.

Moreover, you can play with the interface of this app and change the theme and colors.

Still, looking for more reasons to use it? Simply shake your device and the app gets closed on its own. I don’t know a quicker way to hide up stuff in an emergent condition.

Locker: Hide Photos, Hide Apps

Best Hidden Apps

As you could notice from this article, most of the hidden apps are for Android maybe because of the fact that the iOS is a pretty closed system itself.

And it’s Android devices which are more vulnerable to intruders. Nevertheless, this app is for the iOS system.

Now you can even remove apps from the home screen, put your private photos and videos into the Locker so no one has access to them without your permission. hide apps.

What is more is the fact that you can write notes which are meant to be seen by no one but you, all using this app.

Actually, any file that you can think of and you want to protect can be put into Locker and the access for 3rd person to it will be automatically blocked.

But be aware of the fact that you will not be able to access your Locker if you choose not to set up TouchID and you forget your PIN.

So keep up an eye on always remembering your passwords and using fingerprints. hide apps.

In general, this is a really simple app, which serves its main function.

it hides apps, photos, video, files from others’ eyes without losing any difficulty in its usage.

Conclusion On Best Hidden Apps

In the end, I would like to say that these hidden apps are all here to make your life easier and reduce the worry of at least your privacy. how to hide photos on iphone

So go on, download them, use them and never worry again. If you have any doubts concerning these hidden apps, comment below. how to hide apps on iphone.

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