MORE 21 Best Lucrative Business ideas for Women In 2020

21 Best Lucrative Business ideas for Women In 2020

If you want to be an entrepreneur, the road to your success is the right business idea. We’ve listed many small business ideas for women at home like yourself. You can pick one that you think could be the best for you.

Certainly, it is a big decision. Even the most motivated entrepreneurs struggle and take time while deciding on the business idea. But it is not something that you should worry about.

Business ideas in Nigeria for ladies

The large population in our country and a rising demand for goods and services has brought hope for business progress. It is always very easy to start your own business with good capital, but, unfortunately, not all ladies in Nigeria has huge initial capital at the very beginning, so we have compiled business ideas for women that require less capital to start with.

The right way to go through this step is to ask yourself these questions before you decide:

  • What you need out of the business?
  • What you’re passionate about?
  • What are your skills and weaknesses?
  • What would you like to learn doing?
  • How much time free time do you have?

Which Business Idea Is Best For Ladies?

These are some of the top small business ideas for women:



Just imagine, you earn good money for this from sharing your ideas online. However, you need to understand that to succeed in this field you need to know your audience.

If you have a passion to share your thoughts and have experience in some field like (makeup, cooking skills, fashion and style, design, relationships, etc.) Your passion can bring you fun and lots of money as well.


business ideas for Women

Do you love photography? Maybe, you’re a family photographer but you haven’t considered photography to earn money from? Have you? If you know the art of photography, believe me it is one of the coolest business ideas for women. it is something that can pay you off significantly.

You can get started by just buying a camera plus accessories. We recommend you Nikon D850 plus camera body for stunning quality images and excellent performance.

When you get into the business, you’ll have to build a portfolio of your business. Initially, find out local customers who might want your help with photographs at weddings, celebrations, parties, and other special occasions.

Use social media to let more people know about your photography services. Make a Facebook page and an Instagram profile where you upload high-quality pictures taken by your camera.

There are a few other options you can opt for once you’re in the business:

  • You can offer your photography services to the real estate agents who would want pictures of their new listings for their sites.
  • Submit your pictures to magazines and press. E.g. The Sun Magazine
  • You can upload your images to online photography sites and get paid. For example, Shutterstock.

Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner

Wedding planning is a popular and exciting filed. But the work may require experience and good startup capital.

So, if you’re interested in wedding planning, you’ll have to get some experience by working for a catering company.

Once you have enough experience, you can get your own business started. You’ll need a number of employees.

The weddings may involve different protocols and traditions for which you and your team will create and manage the timeline.

Once you have a few contracts on your portfolio, you’ll be able to get more and more events to plan. You can get clients online by publishing your portfolio.

Clothing Business

business ideas for Women

The clothing business is common among women. With a little investment, many women started their clothing businesses from home.

The clothing industry offers many small business opportunities. You can have a start from a simple printed apparel store to creating your own clothing brand, depending upon the investment you have.

These are the clothing and apparel products you should consider when you’re thinking to get into clothing business:

  • Short-Sleeve Shirts
  • Long Sleeve Shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Pants/Leggings
  • Dresses
  • Lingerie/Underwear/Socks

Graphics Designing

Female Graphics Designer

Every company needs a graphic designer. That’s why there is always a good room available for creative graphic designers.

The better part is, even if you do not work under someone, you can start freelance graphic designing and do work as much as you want.

You’ll need to create a portfolio and make yourself enough popular to get big projects. It requires creative minds and is one of the top home-based business ideas for moms.

There are chances that you may know the work, have a portfolio but do know where to get projects. If so, you can sign up for freelance sites right now. Some of the most popular sites that will help you get projects faster are UpWork, Fiverr, 99design, and DesignCrowd.

Tailoring Business


Fashion design doesn’t need too much effort to start. All you need is a sewing machine, tailoring skills and people eager to use your services.

A lot of Nigerian women like sewing clothes instead of buying them in stores.

Some are not okay with the design, price, and quality of the clothes in shops, others want to have a unique outfit designed specially for them.

There are many customers, so you won’t wait for long without clients.

Yoga Training

Yoga Training

The is also one of the perfect business ideas for women. Many people want to do yoga to keep themselves healthy. If you’re one of them and know this art, you could teach it and earn money out of it.

You do not necessarily need a studio, you can start from your home. It is a great business idea for ladies sitting at home. You not only earn money but also keep yourself busy in a healthy activity.

At the beginning of your yoga training, you won’t earn big money. Only your students will pay for you. But as soon as you find a good number of students, you’ll start getting sponsorship too.

Soap Making

Soap Making

If you’re thinking to manufacture a product on a large scale, soap and other related products can be a good choice. You’ll have to formulate soaps as per your formula.

Once the product is ready to be sent to the market, it’s the time to market. Run ads campaign on TV, newspaper, and Social media ads. The traditional marketing tactics, including banners, flyers, and door to door campaign can also help.

Your products must be available in cosmetic shops, spas, boutiques, e-commerce stores, wholesale markets.

The easier it is for the people to buy, the better it will be. And you’ll find a loyal customer base soon if you’re making quality soap.



Writing Freelancing is one of the easiest ways to make money online not only in Nigeria but the whole world as well.

It is the best business idea for ladies who have excellent writing skills and know-how to express their thoughts. Companies pay a huge amount of money for unique high-quality articles.

You don’t need to spend a kobo to start working like this, but you need to understand that you will be paid only for posts that are good for publishing.

You will need a device (desktop or laptop), a stable internet connection and your skills. One cool thing about freelance writing is that you can not only earn good money but also create your own working schedule, improve your skills and learn many interesting things.

Cosmetics Shop

Cosmetics Shop

This is another profitable small business idea from the beauty industry. Almost every one of us uses beauty and skincare products to look good. And that’s why they are always in demand.

If you’re planning to start a retail cosmetic shop, you should learn the federal government regulations.

Initially, it is okay to have a small start. But with time it should grow and your goal should be to make it a standard cosmetic shop that keeps every related product.

This is not all. You could set up an online store and send the products to the customers. This way you’ll be able to generate enormous sales and profits.

Basket Making At Home

Basket Making

Gift baskets are needed in parties, birthdays, festivals, and other events. And if you have a flair of creativity, you could easily make decorative baskets, boxes, and bags to suit anyone’s taste. This is a perfect side business idea for ladies sitting at home.

Marketing of attractively packaged basket isn’t hard at all. You’re to take pictures and upload them online on your social media page.

Some clients may also order customized baskets with their company’s logo on them. You could charge them relatively high.

Bridal Store

Bridal Store

The bridal store is a profitable retail business idea. Women know the things people spend money on at wedding ceremonies and therefore, bridal store business is a fun business idea for them.

Just having an interest or knowing about a niche is not enough, you must do some planning and research to ensure the success of your bridal store.

Initially, you will have to find reliable manufacturers and distributors. You’ll need to participate in local bridal events to promote your dresses and other products. You can also network with wedding planners to get referral traffic and make more sales.

Jewellery Making Business

Jewellery Making Business

One of the coolest business ideas for women in the fashion industry is the jewellery business. But here you need to put both money and hard work to be successful.

If you are in this business, you have to design jewellery from different materials like plastic and gold. You also need to make unique designs that have never been made before.

You can also design customized jewellery on client’s demand. In order to make your brand known, you must do marketing, especially at the beginning of your business. This is also a good business idea for women

Beauty Parlor

Beauty Parlor

This is one of the best business ideas for women. Establishing a beauty parlour in a commercial or busy market can make you good money. Certainly, you’ll need to invest money.

The chances of your beauty parlour success can be guessed after having a look at the plan you have.

If you have a very small budget and you want to start your parlour from home, you could give it a start.

But as soon as you become stable, you should think of expanding your business by putting more money, buying new and advanced equipment and hiring qualified staff.

YouTube Personality

YouTube Personality

If you’re a woman who’s interested in videography, making YouTube videos is your way to move forward. There is no guarantee that you would be big!

The secret of becoming a successful youtube personality is to constantly create engaging content for your audience.

You can earn from AdSense ads. Along with this, you’ll get sponsorships once your subscribers are enough. Moreover, you can start affiliate marketing with it.

Sell On ETSY

business ideas for Women

Etsy is a platform where you can open an online shop. It feels like a complicated thing to do, however, it is straightforward and simple. You can run it part-time while doing a full-time job.

If you do not know what you should be selling, you should start with research. Once you know the top-selling products on Etsy, you could start your digital venture then.

Gift Shop

business ideas for Women

The gift shop is a good full-time business idea for moms who want to invest little. The great part, unlike many small businesses, is that no prior experience is needed to start a gift shop.

Search the internet for the latest and most preferred gift items and find a trusted dealer who could supply the stock without any delay.

Prefer to get a small space but in a prime location. You can adjust gifts in small space and also people know what to find in a gift shop. And the idea is to make yourself known in the market.

Children Party Planning

Children Party Planning

Children love parties. That’s the reason why the demand for party planners is high, especially in urban areas.

Depending on the location you live in, party planning could be the right business opportunity for you.

It is important that you find out the market feasibility by conducting research. And also, you better have a vision of the future of this business before getting into it.

Children party planning isn’t a bad idea. You’ll learn organizing, managing and other aspects of party planning, which later can help you handle corporate clients of event planning and partying.

Embroidery Services

Embroidery Services

Embroidery industry is a multi-billion industry. Also, Embroidery machines are now available in the market. Moreover, it is made easier by modern equipment and computer software.

It can be home-based, but a separate showroom where items can be displayed should be established. It will increase your chances of standing out in the competition.

What do you need to get into the embroidery business? Inventory items such as shirt, hats, jackets, embroidery machines and accessories, and other items for your store.

Public Speaking Business

business ideas for Women

Public speaking is an art and not everyone can do that. It requires eloquence, great communications skills, and a good grip on different topics.

Becoming a public speaker doesn’t cost you money. However, you must enrich your public speaking skills by getting a mentor, enrolling in online courses, and watching YouTube videos.

Social Media Managing From Home

business ideas for Women

Would you like you to manage social media account for businesses to earn yourself money? Maybe. You can do it part-time from the comfort of your home.

The more clients’ social media accounts you manage, the more money you’ll make. You can make, on average, $1000 to $10,000 a month.

Conclusion Side Business Ideas For Women

These are some business ideas for women who are ready to make money from home. I have shared 21 ideas with you to get your ideas spinning. So, what matters is your ability to make a move and make some cool money for yourself.

Share this post with your female friends help them get business ideas.

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