MOBILE IOS 11 Best Podcast App for Android and IOS Users 2020

11 Best Podcast App for Android and IOS Users 2020

If you’re using an iPhone to listen to podcasts, you’ll likely be using the Apple Podcast app. It works fine … first.

But there are also many other great options in 2020 – for Podcast iOS and Podcast Android.

Some are iOS (iPhone and iPad), some are Android only, and some are for both ecosystems.

Many of them include search options, playback controls, various sharing options, sleep timers, etc.

They are organized according to operating systems and can be run on both platforms. We will refer to the list of best podcast apps so you can see them quickly.

Cross-platform podcast apps

Podcast apps that are on the mobile platform, and some with Mac, Windows, and Chromecast desktop apps with playback speeds.


Free for iOS • Free for Android

RadioPublic is a beautiful podcast android application that is available on iOS and Android. It’s free and doesn’t require an account or login – just listen!

You can stream or download episodes for offline listening, add private RSS feeds (not all apps allow this), import and export with OPML and much more.

His team is very sensitive to feedback and comments. You can get a free version and it’s ad free.

Pocket Cast

Free for iOS • Free for Android

Pocket Cast is a great application for podcast addict. It has an excellent user interface, light and dark themes, useful search and filter options and much more.

Some of the highlights are:

  • Break the silence
  • Variable speed (between 0.5x and 3x)
  • Increase volume
  • Navigate in the chapters
  • Apple Watch controls

Another useful tool is the synchronization option, which is available on another device.

Pocket Casts recently opted for a freemium model (using their application is free, but they do offer a paid subscription). You can get a free version and it’s ad free.


Free for iOS • Free for Android

Castbox is a new addition to this list for 2018, but they have great features and incredible reviews. It has received several “best” awards from Google and Apple over the years.

They not only support iOS and Android but also Amazon Echo Skill as well as Apple Watch and CarPlay. Be sure to check the audio search to find what you’re looking for.


Free for iOS • Free for Android

Podbean is a podcast hosting company that also offers podcast apps – and now Alexa Skill.

Their app is easy to navigate and use and they have hundreds of 5-star ratings.

If you want to create a podcast on your phone, you can register with this application and download a PodBean hosting account (free hosting month with this link).

This makes it unique that you can listen to and download the podcast with one application.


Free for iOS • Free for Android

A useful feature of Stitcher is finding episodes, not the entire podcast. You can create playlists, find new podcasts, listen to messages, and more.

It’s a free podcast android app that offers a $ 4.99 per month premium subscription service for removing advertisements and listening to original broadcasts.

He has also won several “Best” awards.


Free for iOS • Free for Android

Risible focuses on comedy, but listening to your interests will take your podcast to the next level, regardless of your interests.

Laughable not only subscribe to podcasts of all kinds but also makes thousands of comedians, journalists, actors, athletes, musicians, writers, politicians and others worth listening to.

It’s easy to find your favourites and hear their podcast appearances – Guest Spot.

They also have specific characteristics and data, such as a graphic by a logistics artist, showing how the viewers overlap for the best comedians and podcasters.

Apple has also presented it several times in the App Store!


Free for iOS • Free for Android

TuneIn Radio is unique in that it offers MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL with their premium subscription service.  It works with CarPlay, Apple Watch, and Chromecast.

It is useful to listen to your favorite podcasts for free. You can get a free version and it’s ad free.


Free for iOS • Free for Android

Spotify is known for music, but it also offers a selection of organized podcasts.

I can’t live without music (the premium version is worth more) and they recently opened the podcast page of things.

If you are hosting your podcast with some of the best-known companies, you can easily request your podcast to be listed on Spotify.

If your favorite podcast isn’t there, just ask them to sign up – it’s easy!

My podcast is hosted with Buzzsprout and it took me 10 seconds to fill out a simple form and access Spotify.

IOS Podcast Apps


Free for iOS

The show is supported by advertising, but the ads are other podcasts that may be of interest to you and are targeted to the categories. You can also pay to delete them.

The highlighted features include:

  • Intelligent speed
  • speech enhancement
  • Filter and reorganize playlists
  • Search your Twitter followers

Castro 3

Free for iOS

Castro 3 is a remarkable iOS podcast player.

They have a nice inbox feature that allows you to queue or archive new episodes – ideal if you don’t want to listen to every episode for every podcast.

There is a night mode that you can turn on and off with two-finger movements.

It is a well-designed app that works great, especially if you subscribe to many different podcasts.

They also support iMessage and Apple Watch. You can get a free version and it’s ad free.

Castaway 2

Free for iOS

The last, but certainly not the last, is Castaway.  You can download and stream podcast episodes, adjust play rates, receive notifications for new episodes, and more.

The user interface is excellent with great illustrations and the controls are easy to use. You can get a free version and it’s ad free.


Above is some brilliant application which one can use to start free Podcast and many more. It depends on your comparability that which application is best suited as per your profile requirements.

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