COMPUTERINTERNETThe Best Streaming Entertainment for your Kids in 2021

The Best Streaming Entertainment for your Kids in 2021

The Best Streaming Entertainment for your Kids in 2021.

The internet is rife with a vast range of possibilities, allowing individuals to go about their daily tasks with ease. Everyone employs the internet for work, study, socialization, and entertainment.

In recent times, children have become more active on the internet as there are e-learning channels for them to gather more knowledge. Besides school and research, children can interact with their friends via social media platforms, and entertainment can be easily accessed online.

For most of the early 21st century, kids’ shows were restricted to cable TV services like Cartoon Network, Disney Jr., and Nickelodeon, meaning that children had to wait until the scheduled time before watching their favorite shows.

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Options available for child-friendly content

Although there are sites where video content can be downloaded, a lot of them are inconsistent and are limited in the number of shows available.

Online streaming services are bossing the movie entertainment stage, as many of them now have licenses to broadcast child-friendly shows on their streaming platform.

Among the lot, Disney plus is regarded as the most kid-friendly because it belongs to the company that created Disney Jr. and its shows.

Other Notable streaming services include:

  • Amazon Prime video – this is the service regarded to have the best value for kid’s content.
  • Netflix – this is the most popular streaming service in the world, available in almost 200 different countries worldwide.
  • Sling TV – a platform that has the most number of kids channels, offering your kid a variety of options to choose from.

Most of these streaming platforms also contain adult content, some of which may not be suitable for an under-aged child. Children are naturally curious, and parents/guardians must protect them from improper content.

Given that, here are some measures you can put in place to ensure that your child is safe from explicit content:

Other tips

  • Parental Control – Children can access shows through smart TVs, tablets, and Personal devices. These gadgets come equipped with a parental control option that locks all adult channels with a code, restricting the child’s options to age-appropriate content.
  • VPN – Kids show companies are not as popular as regular movie franchises and as such, it makes it hard to procure licenses to air in some other countries.
    Regardless of the online streaming service you patronize, any parent or guardian would want their kids to have access to a wider range of shows to watch. You can unlock content with a VPN by simply downloading it and connecting to any server location of your choice.
  • Kids mode – In recent times, tablets come with a kids’ mode setting, a setting that ensures that nothing explicit or vulgar can be viewed on the device, especially in the absence of a parent/guardian.
  • Proper Monitoring – Besides setting restrictions on gadgets, guardians should also endeavor to check the child’s browsing history to make sure he/she isn’t viewing anything inappropriate.

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Independent reports reveal that children who have access to the internet for learning and entertainment purposes develop sharper creative skills, and are found to be more confident than children who do not.

Despite the risks associated with using the internet, parents should ensure that they allow their children access, and make use of the above tips to ensure the child remains safe.

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