REVIEWS Best Washing Machines to Buy for your Laundry Needs

Best Washing Machines to Buy for your Laundry Needs

Washing machines are devices used in the laundry of clothes without having to do the physical hand wash system. It’s implementing technology to the inevitable house chore – laundry.

The tight schedule and stressful activities of individuals in the corporate and business world have made doing house chores like hand laundry a tiresome activity.

In fact, there’s virtually no time to do such manual labor. That’s why most people in these categories purchase washing machines.

In light of this, there’s a high chance you’re going through this article because you’re in search of the perfect washing machine to purchase. If that’s so, you’re definitely not in the wrong place.

However, in order for you to know the perfect washing machine to purchase, you’ll need to first get familiar with the types of washing machines before making your decision on what to buy.

If you want to set up your house, then there are some great brands you can choose from too.

Best Washing Machine Brands in Nigeria

  • LG
  • Haier Thermocool
  • Samsung
  • Scanfrost
  • Beko
  • Polystar
  • Akai

Types Of Washing Machines

With regards to the types of washing machines/washers, there is one major criterion to be considered, and that’s the entry point at which the clothes will be introduced into the machine.

With that said, the two major types are the Top Loading and the Front-Loading Washers.

Furthermore, given their technical capacity (another important criterion) in conjunction with the entry point of clothes, these washers are further sub-divided into several categories such as Single Tub Washers (Top Loading), Twin Tub Semi-automatic Washers (Top Loading), Top Load Fully Automatic Washers and Front Load Washers.

In line with the focus of this article, we’ll be highlighting the best washers as we go through these types of washers. Let’s proceed.


Best Washing Machines

This is the simplest of them all and also the most affordable in Nigeria. It can be likened to the low-end version of washers.

Just like its name, it uses only a single tub for its washing process although it lacks the enablement to drain clothes itself.

For its usage, the clothes are put into the tub, detergents follow suit, water is next in line, and then you set the machine in motion after you must have set the timer.

After this operation, the clothes are removed and placed outside to dry like every other laundry.

Nonetheless, the machine also has its advantages which include water conservation, low power, and time consumption.

Additionally, it takes up less space due to its petite size. If you’re a bachelor in a room self-contain or a flat, and you have limited space, you could try out this type of washer.

Even more, the machine is mobile, so you can move it from the bathroom or wherever you want to use to another place of storage.

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Best Washing Machines

Just like the Single tub washer, clothes are loaded into this machine from the top. However, unlike the single tub washer, this washer has two tubs – one for washing and one for drying.

More so, it is relatively bigger than the single tub washer. For each tub, there’s a time to time its operations.

The tub assigned for washing makes use of a pulsator to move the clothes gently or vigorously in the water while the drying tub makes use of a turbo drying system.

After the washing, the clothes are manually transferred to the drying tub to drain the moisture.

It takes up more water, power and time than the single tub washer. Although the power consumption isn’t as much as the fully automatic washers.

It can also be moved around. On a lighter note, if you haven’t eaten, you might not be able to lift it.

But then, it’s got wheels, so you can position it where you can easily push to the area of use.

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Best Washing Machines

This type of washing machine performs both the washing and drying of clothes in a single tub. It means everything is fully automated.

There’s no need to transfer from one tub to another for washing and drying.

Just like the others, clothes can be added during the washing process and the washer can be moved from one place to another.

There’s a catch to it though – it requires an unceasing flow of water. It’s also a bit more expensive than the twin tub semi-automatic counterpart.

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Best Washing Machines

Unlike the previous washers, this set of washers have their outlets at the front, that is, clothes are loaded into the washer from the front.

This washer lacks a central agitator, therefore, it makes use of a tumbling action to wash the clothes.

Although expensive than the others, it consumes less water and detergent. Compared to the other washers, clothes cannot be added to the machine during operation.

Also, once it is stationed at a particular location, it can’t be moved around.

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Finally, we’ve curated a list of the best washing machines. I believe you now know about the different kinds of washing machines around. So, let us know the type of washing machine you like to acquire?

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