MORE 5 Checklist: Things to do Before Going Shopping

5 Checklist: Things to do Before Going Shopping

Checklist: Things to do Before Going Shopping.

Shopping is a fun exercise of buying things one likes and needs. Different kinds of shoppers behave in different ways. To understand them better, the simple categorizations are:

  • Disciplined shoppers: These are the people armed with the knowledge of the things they need, like carrying around a Woolies catalogue or brochure that allows them to make informed choices.
  • Impulsive buyers– They are those who buy things on a whim. They prioritize their wants over needs, and any discount offered influences their purchases.
  • The Checker:- They are the people who carry a list of only the things they need for that day or a particular recipe.
  • The Calculator:- People who have a strict budget in mind. So that they hold themselves accountable while shopping.
  • The Calorie Checker:- They are those who are more concerned about the ingredients in their products and their nutritional value.

But whatever the type of shopper one is, it is better if they follow the steps listed below to go home more satisfied after shopping.

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Sign up for the Loyalty Program:

Human beings are creatures of habit, which also explains why they like visiting their friendly neighborhood store all the time. So why not make use of this habit to save some extra bucks? Every store has a loyalty program that benefits regular customers of the store. To join one, a person has to merely give their details like the contact number or mail ID.

If one values privacy more than any offer a burner email account will serve the purpose. Once this step is complete, offers and discounts will start pouring into the account, which one can redeem at every purchase. It is a win-win arrangement that benefits both the store owner and the customers.

Download the Store’s App

It is an easier way to view the latest offers, discounts, new arrivals, and stock updates at one’s favorite store. Some even provide digital coupons that one can redeem during purchase.

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Stay updated with the Store Catalogues

Catalogs are the store’s announcements of their latest prices. If the customer refers to it, they can get the best deals at the best price. For example, a Woolies catalogue or Bottlemart catalogs will provide the products’ information across all Woolworths stores. So all that the customer needs to do is to look up the price of the product they want and buy it from the nearest branch.

Look for Manufacturer Coupons

The store’s app, a circular, an email, or a coupon website, can give out coupon codes that will save a lot of money for the user. It is a sound choice to use the coupons or sometimes even stock things one might need later when the price is still affordable. Coupons carry a validity date, and one has to redeem them by that time. Make sure to set a reminder or visit the store before it expires.

Sometimes it is Better to Ditch the List

One might carry a fixed list to the store, but buying them would end up costing more than they would have spent if they had bought discounted items. So never neglect to buy things that are sometimes not on the list, it can prove to be a good deal.

Secondly, trying out a different product may change one’s mind and help one explore other better options.

Conclusion on Things to do Before Going Shopping

Shopping is an art that one can perfect with practice. One needs to make decisions on what things are necessary. Discounts are always a bonus, and one must keep an eye out for them. Stick to the list of required items, but do not forget to explore other options as well.

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