REVIEWS Essential Timetable - Best Lecture Scheduling Application For Students

Essential Timetable – Best Lecture Scheduling Application For Students

If you’re looking for a great way to organize your classes, homework, reading assignments, and schedule, Essential Timetable is a lecture scheduling application for students. This app lets you make flexible timetables based on days, weeks and months etc. It also has multiple views so you can check your class schedule and events if you have exams or quizzes, assignments for each class, and more. 
lecture scheduling application for students
Essential Timetable is one of the must-have android apps in 2018 and it is one of the most downloaded timetable maker apps on google play store because is a simple and comprehensive lecture scheduling application for students. It displays scheduled lectures with their appropriate fixed times. It lets you stick to your schedules because it will send you the notification whenever you do not work according to the planner. 

Essential Timetable Key Features

  • Viw your timetable just like a list or a grid
  • Automatic Notifications for lectures
  • Displays scheduled lectures with their appropriate fixed times
  • Synchronize data among all of your Android devices
  • Arrange list of Test and Exams in proper order

How does Essential Timetable lecture scheduling application for students work?

  1. Launch the app after it’s been successfully installed from HERE 
  2. You will be required to enter a Class Pin in a text box
  3. Enter a Class Pin if one has already been generated for your class, or create one by clicking HERE
  4. You’ll be directed to scoolnetwork where you will be required to log in or register to proceed
  5. Login if you have an existing account or create one with either your Google or Facebook account
  6. Then go back to step 3 or follow this link  https://timetable.scoolnetwork.com 
  7. You’ll be required to enter a class name to identify your level in your department e.g Electrical Engineering class of ’19
  8. After creating a class name,  a unique pin will automatically be generated for your class
  9. All announcements,  lectures, tests, examinations, and notifications of a particular class will be associated with this unique class pin. It is this pin that was mentioned in step 2 &3
  10. Click on the menu icon at the topmost left of the page and a menu list will be displayed as follows: Dashboard, Admins, Courses, Lectures, Tests, Exams, Announcements, and Settings
  11. Click on courses to “add course
  12. You will be taken to a page with a list of queries – course name,  course code,  unit, and the name of the lecturer. Fill in each query with the most appropriate answer and click “save and back”
  13. Repeat the process till you’ve added all your registered courses
  14. Now click on lectures to “add lecture
  15. You’ll be allowed to choose a course from your list of registered courses to assign a start-timeend-time, and venue
  16. Repeat the process till you’ve added a start time, end time, and venue to every course registered
  17. Repeat steps 14, 15 and 16 to “add Test and Exam
  18. In case of announcements,  simply click announcement on the menu list then, click “add announcement
  19. A large text box will be shown and you can type in whatever you wish to be made known to your class members
  20. Once you’re done with these steps,  you can then go back to the app and input your unique pin in the text box
With that,  your schedule will be configured and reminder will be automatically set
  • Remember to always click save and back after every successful lecture entry
  • Write down your unique pin and keep it safe
  • The text formatting features on WhatsApp is also applicable here; you can encase your text in asterisks (*) to bolden and in underscores (_) to italicize  
You can Always download the Essential Timetable App from google play store HERE and always remember to share this app with your friends and colleagues.
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