REVIEWS 3 Features of PDFBear For You To Get The Most Out Of...

3 Features of PDFBear For You To Get The Most Out Of Your PDF Files

3 Features of PDFBear For You To Get The Most Out Of Your PDF Files

Everything is digital! All of us rely on technology and the internet for all our needs. From communication to bank transactions to ordering food and other things, to so much more, it can all be done with the internet.

Looking back, we had to do everything manually. But nowadays, that is not the case. It’s great to see how much we have progressed. But with the fast progress of technology, you should be in-the-know with the best and latest tools to help you make the most out of what you already have.

With everything going digital, (especially) including documents, PDFs have become prominent. We’ll tell you why PDFs are the best in paperless document files in a bit. But for now, we want to introduce you to a great online tool to help you with your paperless documents. Keep on reading to find out more.

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What is PDFBear?

Before we get into anything else, let us first get to know PDFBear. This awesome online software as a service (or SaaS) tool lets you unlock PDF files, merge PDF, and so much more! The PDFBear website can be accessed on any electronic gadget, may it be a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Any of those gadgets and internet access and you’re good to go! You don’t need to sign in or make any account or subscription before using their services. Everything on their website is for free, so that’s another plus point! Also, you don’t have to worry about your files getting distributed without notice.

PDFBear automatically deletes all files from their server one hour after uploading. So you’re that your files are kept safe! Awesome!

Of all files, why PDF?

Now that we’ve given you a quick introduction to PDFBear, let’s get into why the most preferred format for paperless documents is PDF. First, this file type is the most accessible and versatile among all other file types. You can access it anywhere, may it be a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. There is no change in the formatting or overall look of the document, whether it’s accessed on different devices or software, or printed on paper.

This is one of the biggest benefits of using this file type. With raw files, a change in formatting is inevitable. And it’s a hassle to copy and paste everything into a new document. But this is no problem in PDFs, so it’s always better to convert your files before sending them to make it easier for you and the recipient.

Lastly, this file type isn’t as large in file size, compared to raw files. In the long run, you’ll save more disk space.

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Some Great PDFBear Features

Now that we’ve talked about some benefits of using PDF files, let’s dive into a few features of PDFBear for you to make the most out of your PDF files.

Unlock PDF

Keeping your files safe is a good thing. But there are cases where you have to open the file repeatedly. And well, re-entering the password every time can get annoying. So, this feature comes in handy for you to unlock and remove the password of your locked PDF file. Now you won’t have to keep re-entering the password over and over again.

Merge PDF

If you’re working on a group of collaborating with different people, this file comes in handy! Since there will be a lot of PDF files in the project, it’s best to merge them. This makes it easier for you to send or share to your supervisor, client, boss, or other teammates. Presenting and submitting a merged file lessens the hassle of dealing with several individual files.

Convert to PDF

The file can either be in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint format. Whatever format it is, you can easily convert it to PDF with PDFBear’s nifty conversion tool. As mentioned, raw files can take up more disk space. They also tend to change the formatting. So, it’s best to keep or share files in PDF format so you won’t be hassled with funny-looking jumbled-up documents.

All here at PDFBear!

So, there you have it a quick introduction to PDFBear, some of its awesome features, and why PDFs are the best format to use. With PDFBear, you’ll have your new file converted and/or modified within just two minutes! No time is wasted when using their services. And you’ll be happy to know that their website is clutter-free. So, it’s easy to navigate everything on their website.

The three features we’ve mentioned above don’t even take up one-fourth of what PDFBear offers. When you check out their website, you’ll surely find what you need, want, and more! So try it out for yourself and never be hassled with any paperless document problems. Go on and give it a go!

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