COMPUTER How to use Google Advanced Image Search

How to use Google Advanced Image Search

If you spend any time on-line, you have most likely used Google before. it is the most popular search engine not solely in America, however in the world. And Google images prides itself on being the foremost comprehensive image search on the net.

But several of the site’s users solely know about its basic features, but don’t know how to use Google Advanced Image Search feature.

Basic Image Search on Google

For most internet searchers, using Google Image Search is easy: simply enter your query into the search box and click on the Search images button. Simple!

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Advanced searching on Google

To fine-tune your image searching, use the advanced-search drop-down menus found on your Google Image search results page or click the Advanced Search menu found below the Settings icon. From each of those places you’ll tweak your image search in an exceedingly number of ways:

  • Color: Search just for black and white, grayscale, or full-color images (you can choose what color you would like to highlight, too).
  • SafeSearch: don’t desire explicit results? this is where you’ll specify that preference.
  • Domain: find images solely within a particular domain or web site.
  • File types: search for specific image file formats.
  • Size: especially helpful when you are looking for a particular size! look for small, medium, or large images.
  • Keywords: just as with Google’s regular internet search, you can filter your results by searching for all or any of the words in a phrase, even for images that aren’t associated with the words.

The Advanced Image Search page really comes in handy if you are looking for images of a specific file type.

for instance, for a project that needs images in a JPEG format only. it is also helpful if you are looking for a bigger or high-resolution image for printing, or a smaller resolution image that will work fine for using on the net.

Viewing Your images on Google search

After you click the Search images button, Google returns a tapestry of paginated results, displayed in a grid, organized by relevancy to your original search terms.

For each image displayed in your search results, Google also lists the dimensions of the image, the kind of file, and also the originating host’s URL.

Once you click an image, the first page opens in a frame in the center of the page, alongside the Google images frame around the image thumbnail, the image’s full display, and data regarding the image.

Click the image to view it larger than a thumbnail from the originating website or go on to the site itself by clicking the Visit Page link.

To visualize the image without any context, click the view Original Image link.

Some images found using Google Image Search are not visible after clicking because some web site owners use special code and search-engine instructions to keep non-authorized users from downloading images without permission.

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Filtering Your Image Results

It’s inevitable that someday in your Web-search travels you are going to come across one thing offensive. Google offers several options for keeping searches safe. By default, a moderate SafeSearch content filter is activated once you use Google Images; this filtering blocks the display of potentially offensive images solely, and not text.

Toggle this SafeSearch filter in any search results page by clicking the SafeSearch menu and clicking Filter explicit Results.

instead, shut off SafeSearch to see the raw, unfiltered results of your query.


Whether you are looking up a reference image for your next painting or trying to find a decent image of your favorite celebrity, Advanced Image Search will make your job a lot easier.

Rather than weeding through thousands of irrelevant results, you’ll get right to the image you need. Taking a little time to learn about these tools currently will save you hours of frustration down the road.

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