HOW TOHow To Access Clipboard On Android

How To Access Clipboard On Android

I assume it isn’t very clear how to use the clipboard on Android phones for some of you, but once you understand how the Android clipboard works, it becomes much easier.

Believe me, using the clipboard on an Android phone is as simple as using copy and paste. Simply highlight text in a text field and long press to select Copy.

Then you can long-press anywhere to insert the copied text so simple.

Below are the steps on how to access the clipboard on android. Also here is how to quickly switch to your previous app on android.

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How to Copy and Paste on Android

Copying and pasting on Android are very simple, but not always easy if you haven’t used an Android device before. Here’s how to do it if you are new.

First, select the text you want to copy. In most apps, like Chrome, this can be done by long-pressing on the text you wish to copy.

How To Access Clipboard On Android

Then, adjust the highlighted section to where you want it. You can also tap on Select all text if you want to copy all the text.

But some apps like twitter you can’t highlight part of the text. In that case, you long-press on the tweet, then Twitter will automatically copy the whole tweet for you.

Finally, head to where you wish to paste the text and long-press there, then select Paste.

How To Access Clipboard On Android

You’re now a copying and pasting expert!

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How to Access Clipboard on Android

Whenever you save text to the clipboard on your Android device, the information is stored in RAM by the clipboard service.

On stock Android phones, it is not possible for you to see that information. But, on Samsung phones, the clipboard history is stored in a file in the /data/Clipboard directory.

However, even on a Samsung phone, you can not access the clipboard history without rooting the phone. But you can still access your clipboard history on any Android phone by using a third-party app.

How to Access Clipboard on Android Using the Clipper Clipboard Manager

The easiest way to access your clipboard history is through a clipboard manager app. The Clipper Clipboard Manager is one of the best Clipboard Managers to use. However, there are many other apps available on Google Play to choose from.

Firstly, log in to Google Play store and install the Clipper Clipboard Manager app.

Then launch the Clipper Clipboard Manager app. Once you copy any text, you’ll see them show up in the clipboard log inside the app.

How To Access Clipboard On Android

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Now pressing the three dots at the top right corner of the clipboard snippet, to View, Edit, Share it, or even select the text so that you can paste it anywhere else you like.


Without a clipboard manager app like Clipper, you would only have access to the last text that you copied to the clipboard.

But clipper clipboard manager app gives you access to the clipboard history so you can use anything you’ve recently saved there.

How to Clear the Clipboard History on Android?

Since stock Android only saves the last text you’ve copied, you simply need to copy another text to clear it from the history.

If you end up using clipper clipboard manager app, you can use their built-in functions to clear all your clipboard history.

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