HOW TO How To Buy And Ship Goods From Amazon to Nigeria

How To Buy And Ship Goods From Amazon to Nigeria

What is Amazon?

In the initial years, Amazon.com originally sold the books. Whereas today, Amazon is a titan for e-commerce, logistics, payment transactions, hardware, data storage, and media.

It works in many other industries. The same is true for online buyers and retailers, a modern necessity that independent sellers may hate.

Prime, Amazon’s subscription program for $ 99 per year, has about 85 million customers in the United States, or about two-thirds of American households.

Even if you say it, an e-commerce business seems completely inadequate.

Amazon has a “flying” philosophy behind every business decision. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos borrowed the term from Amazon, a management consultant, at the beginning of Amazon.

It describes a cycle in which a company lowers prices, increases sales and attracts more customers to attract customers, economies of scale (simultaneous logistics and other regular costs) on the same basis.

Enabling until the company can reduce its prices again. And the wheel turns again.

Does Amazon Ship to Nigeria?

Ship Goods From Amazon to Nigeria

Shipping goods from Amazon to Nigeria is a complex question because Amazon is not just one seller.

It is a big online store with thousands of sellers from the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada, some African countries, Europe, and other parts of the world.

And every seller has his/her own shipping terms which can be only limited to the United States of America, the United Kingdom or other parts of the world.

In this post, you will find out How To Buy And Ship Goods From Amazon to Nigeria by yourself.

Ship Goods From Amazon to Nigeria in 11 Easy Steps

There has been a backlash since the announcement that Amazon will now ship to Nigeria, Kenya, and 73 other countries.

What is its impact on the Nigerian-Kenyan e-commerce industry? If you are trying to answer this question, do the following to ship products from Amazon to Nigeria and Kenya:

  • Log in to your Amazon account but if you do not yet have an Amazon account, you must create one before making a purchase.
  • Access your account.
  • Under the Settings option, manage the address book and change your default delivery address.
  • Find items you want to buy on Amazon.com as there are millions of good which an individual can purchase to consume.
  • On the left side of the screen, under Refine by, select the Ship to Nigeria checkbox. You can refine your search by choosing the free international shipping option.
  • Your search is filtered. Check which products are suitable for shipping to Nigeria. Add the merchandise you wish to trade to your shopping cart.
  • Check your cart while shopping and then check before placing the final order as to whether the item selected is correct.
  • Click Send to this address and choose your delivery address. The delivery address is very important and one should recheck it twice before confirming the order.
  • Choose shipping options as It determines import duties and shipping costs.
  • Choose your payment method and make payment. Amazon allows making a payment from various methods such as debit card, credit card, net banking, Paytm, Amazon wallet or cash on delivery.
  • See your order page with a confirmation message along with a reference number and the expected date of delivery.

Alternative Method To Ship Goods From Amazon to Nigeria

Use a logistics company to ship your goods

Ship Goods From Amazon to Nigeria

There are many logistics companies that have their warehouses in the US.

They provide a shipping address to foreign customers, and this makes it easy for foreigners to purchases goods on Amazon as if they were based in the American States.

Many sellers on the U.S. Amazon platform are happy to ship their goods within the USA, and then you can have your goods delivered to the logistics company address. Later you can combine all your shipments into one big parcel and have it delivered to you in Nigeria.

Customers who know how to ship from Amazon to Nigeria using logistics companies services enjoy cheaper shipping rates when compared to using FedEx or other mail companies for each purchase made on Amazon.


It can cost approximately 4-5 U.S. dollars per pound to ship your goods from the USA to Lagos (Nigeria) using a logistics company.

Also, note that shipping to Nigeria might not be possible for some categories of products. For example, flammable products.

You should be convinced now that Amazon’s delivery to Nigeria is possible and easy. It is very common in our country.

And you should know How To Buy And Ship Goods From Amazon to Nigeria by following our guide.


Amazon is covering all nations and capturing the global market by eliminating geographical boundaries and markets.

Currency conversion is possible for some currencies. There are shipping and handling charges attached to the order which may vary by product.

It depends on the region where delivery is executed. Amazon is the choice of every citizen nowadays and the most reliable online e-commerce website.

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