How To Find WIFI Password On Windows 10. Because our computers connect into our WiFi network, most of us tend to forget our WiFi passwords.

So, what happens if you need your WiFi password to connect with other devices, and you didn’t write it down?

You’re lucky because there are several ways to retrieve it if your computer is already connected to your network.

In this article, I’m going to show you how to find the WiFi password on Windows 10 so you can connect any new device.

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How To Find WIFI Password On Windows 10

View Saved Wifi Passwords through Windows Settings

The default method is to check through your Windows Settings. To use this method, you must have connected to the wifi network before.

  • Go to Settings on desktop. You can type “Settings” and click the app that shows in the Windows search bar, or click the settings icon on the bottom left.

How To Find WIFI Password On Windows 10

  • Click on Network & Internet tab.

How To Find WIFI Password On Windows 10

  • Scroll down to the bottom and click on Network and Sharing Center.

Network and Sharing Center

  • You’ll be taken to this page below. Now click on the wifi network you are connected to.

How To Find WIFI Password On Windows 10

  • Then, click the Wireless Properties button.

Wireless Properties

  • Finally, click the Security tab on the upper right-hand tab. Then checkmark the “Show characters” box. This will display the wifi password for the network you are connected to.

How To Find WIFI Password On Windows 10

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Finding WiFi Passwords via Command Line

For those of you who are computer experts, you can also use the command-line tool built into Windows 10 to quickly find saved WiFi passwords.

It is very easy, as you do not have to download any extra software and just run a single line of command. Here’s how to do it:

  • Search and open Command Prompt app on Windows 10 computer. Right-click on it and click Run as Administrator.

How To Find WIFI Password On Windows 10

  • Then type this: netsh wlan show profile. This will display a list of networks you’ve connected to in the past.

How To Find WIFI Password On Windows 10

  • Search for the network that you need the password. Once you find it, type in the following line: netsh wlan show profile [wifi-name] key=clear.

How To Find WIFI Password On Windows 10

Remember to replace [wifi-name] with the WiFi name. Then the password will appear next to the section which says Key Content.

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We are all living in the digital world right now, where we have tens, even hundreds of passwords to remember.

You can memorize passwords to your social media accounts, bank accounts, and other important sites, but probably not remember your Wi-Fi passwords.

It’s always advisable to use a password management tool like 1Password, which can save all your passwords and notes so you can access them with a single click.

Assuming you’ve totally forgotten your WiFi passwords, that’s okay. Hopefully one of the methods above will help you find your WiFi passwords on your Windows 10.

Note: None of the methods require an Internet connection to perform.

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