HOW TOHow to protect the screen of your Android device

How to protect the screen of your Android device

If you wish to prevent scratches or simply be on the safe side, here are our tips about how to protect the screen of your android device like tempered glass protectors.

Five years ago, dropping your phone and breaking its screen was a serious concern for several people. the durability of smartphones has greatly improved since then, however, that does not mean you should be careless.

Cover the basics

How you use and carry your smartphone on a daily basis will make a huge difference for its durability. though nowadays most devices come with Corning Gorilla Glass five, that has been tested with shoulder-height drops and is supposedly scratch-proof, your display will still get broken if you are not careful.

tempered glass protectorsOne of the simplest and most common ways in which people scratch their screen is because they put their phone in the same pocket as their keys. when you are walking, there’ll be friction between them, leading to mini-scratches – unless you’ve got a screen protector. If you are doing this and do not believe us, have an honest look at your phone’s screen next time it’s sunny outside.

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Cover your screen – Tempered Glass Protectors

If you have already taken the above steps, but you still wish to be on the safe side, screen protectors can help.

However, once trying to buy one on-line you may be engulfed by the variety.

this is often why we are going to explain what every option offers.


The cheapest and most-preferred choice for many are plastic stick-on screen protectors. they’re light-weight, not very noticeable and simple to use.

However, they also provide the least protection. the 2 varieties you’d often find on-line are polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) or Thermoplastic Polyreuthane (TPU).

PET protectors are durable and sometimes not suitable for phones with curved screens, however they’re very simple to use.

In comparison, TPUs are a lot more versatile, but need a lot of effort to install and may give your screen a yellow-ish tint.

Bubbles may also appear between the TPU protector and the screen are also likely to appear.


Tempered glass protectors are a step higher than plastic. they’re a lot more durable and protect not solely from scratches and daily wear, but drop injury too.

However, tempered glass protectors aren’t one-size-fits-all like most of their plastic cousins – you have to use caution to buy one that is specifically made to suit your smartphone.

The prices of those protectors have also significantly dropped in recent years – you’ll be able to find reliable ones for less than $10.

Costlier versions with a matte finish, anti-UV layers, and other fascinating options are also obtainable. they are most likely the best choice for clumsy users.

What do you think? are screen protectors necessary nowadays? do you use one? let us know within the comments below.

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