Uncategorized How to set Pattern lock on your PC

How to set Pattern lock on your PC

These days we all love our data and information stored on our mobiles, and to make our mobile and info and images more secure, we set a PIN or Pattern lock on our device.
Have you ever thought of setting a Pattern lock on your PC’s and laptops and make them more secure. Haven’t you been bored by your old password screen on your PC. Let’s try something different and unique today.
Today I’ll teach you how to set a Pattern Lock on your Laptops and PC’s easily. Follow the steps below to do so:
Step 1) Click here to download Maze lock for Windows.
Step 2) Open this EXE file and you will see a new window with a pattern of Zdrawn by default. You can either use this pattern or click on Reset Patternto draw a new pattern.
Step 3) Now make your preferred pattern and click on OK, then re-enter the same pattern and then save the backup of that pattern lock in case you forget your pattern.
Step 4) Now click on General tab and click on Auto-Lock at Windows startup and turn that on. You can also tweak settings according to your needs.
Step 5) You can also change the background of your Maze lock screen to make it look more cool. Just click on the Background tab and browse to the location of the image and press OK.
You successfully secured your PC from others by setting up a secure Pattern Lock. Hope you enjoyed this article. Don’t forget to share this amazing trick with your friends. VisitLHN for more awesome articles.

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