HOW TO How to Set up Face ID on iPhone XS Max, XS and...

How to Set up Face ID on iPhone XS Max, XS and iPhone XR

In this tutorial, we’ll show and guide you on How to Set up Face ID on iPhone XS Max, XS and iPhone XR. The new iPhones were launched by Apple at its annual event some weeks back after abundant speculations and to what they’re going to be and whatnot.

There are no major changes on last year’s iPhone X however they are available with a slight specification bump. The new iPhones come with an A12 Bionic chip which can run 5 trillion operations per second, they additionally come with improved cameras.

How to Set up Face ID on iPhone XS MaxLast year when the iPhone X was launched, there have been instances where people like identical twins complained their other sibling could unlock their phones using the Face ID.

This year, with the absence of the home button, the security feature of the Face ID has been improved more than ever with a close to zero margin for errors. Because of this, it’s vital to understand How to Set up Face ID on iPhone XS Max, XS and iPhone XR.

How to Set up Face ID on iPhone XS Max, XS and iPhone XR

  • Launch Settings from your Home screen.
  • Tap Face ID & Passcode.
  • Enter your Passcode.
  • Tap Set Up Face ID.
  • Tap Get Started.
  • Position your face inside the circle.
  • Move your head, slowly, in a circle.
  • Tap Continue.
  • Move your head, slowly, in a second circle.
  • Tap Done.

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You now can start using Face ID on your iPhone XS, XS Max or the iPhone XR!

Face ID advantages and Functions

  • No doubt, the number one importance of the Face ID feature is security purpose. With Face ID, you’ll lock and unlock your device just at a look. Once your Face ID is set up, nobody can unlock your iPhone in your absence.
  • Another function it offers is for payment authentication. just by scanning your face, you’ll authenticate purchases on Apple Pay and other applicable payment platforms
  • You can additionally use Face ID to sign in to apps and much more. you’ll now agree it’s vital to know how to set up Face ID on iPhone XS, XS max or the iPhone XR.

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It is vital to note that Face ID works best once your phone is 10-20 inches nearer to your face.

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