HOW TO4 Simple Steps On How To Track A Stolen Phone In Nigeria

4 Simple Steps On How To Track A Stolen Phone In Nigeria

Looking for your mobile is often a frustrating experience. Actually they’re so many ways but here are some best tips on how to track a stolen phone. Some time it is very difficult to monitor our phone and keep it safe and it is also possible to lose your phone far away from home or have it stolen from you.

In any case, you’ll help things if you’re well prepared for such mishaps beforehand and if you act fast enough. Here are some best tips on how to track a stolen phone.;

Steps On How To Track A Stolen Phone

Android Device Manager (ADM)

how to track a stolen phone

As long as your device is connected to your Google Account, you’ve got internet access, you’ve got location turned on and ADM is about to locate your device before it disappears, then there is still a chance that you can recover it.

ADM can tell the situation of your device by default unless you’ve got disabled this in settings. Find lost phone with “Google find my device

Google shows you the approximate location of your device and provides you the choice of;

  • Making it ring albeit your device is about to silence
  • Locking it with a PIN password or pattern albeit you didn’t have one set before.
  • Also, it gives facility to add recovery number on lock screen. For example, you’ll write “please call this number if you’ve got my device”
  • Erasing all the data on your device.

If you do not have access to a PC, you’ll also download the “Find My Device” or Android Device Manager app from the Play store on another phone.

But if the phone is in switch off, then ADM is only able to tell you the last place the device is seen. Also, you can then use any identical feature from Apple devices to know your Phone.

Third-party Apps

how to track a stolen phone

Other than the built-in Android Device Manager, you’ll also install other third-party phone tracking app on your device before you break down.

Like the Android Device manager, most of these third-party apps can assist you to find, lock and erase data on your phone.

However, they also accompany another interesting feature that can make your phone search easier.

Google Search

how to track a stolen phone

If your device was linked to your Google account, you’ll simply type “find my phone” within the Google search bar and choose the primary search result.

Once you’re signed into your account, you’ll locate your device and prefer to either make it ring or plow ahead and choose the recovery option.

Of course, you’ll need your device to be signed in to your Google account and connected to the web to try to to this.

However, Google will send a notification once it locates your device. It doesn’t sound sort of an excellent idea if your phone was stolen.

IMEI Number

how to track a stolen phone

If your phone was stolen and therefore the thief turned it off or did it a factory reset, it’s going to be impossible to recover your phone through the previous methods already discussed.

The best way to finding your lost phone is through its IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number.

You’ll need the assistance of your network operator and therefore the law enforcement agencies to get this done.

The computer village launched a unified database for this a couple of months ago. You can find your IMEI number on your phone pack, behind its battery or just dial *#06#.

Conclusion On How To Track A Stolen Phone

Sorry if your phone was stolen. We hope that at least one of our tips help you on how to track a stolen phone. Make sure to install one of the apps we have listed to never lose your phone again!

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