COMPUTERHow To Use Laptop as Monitor

How To Use Laptop as Monitor

If you want to extend your desktop’s display and use your laptop as a second or third monitor, in this guide, we’re going to show you How To Use Laptop As Monitor.

It surely not a simple process, but we’ve tried to make them short & simple as possible. If you are not too good at computing, there isn’t anything to be worried about.

Besides, you require no technical knowledge to do this, just some basic idea you have about the system you own would be perfect.

Also, you may be thinking of connecting your computer with your laptop using an HDMI cable. That’s wrong. As it will ONLY cast your computer screen on the laptop but will not work as a video input for another device.

Thing Needed On How To Use Laptop As Monitor

You need to have the primary computer which is the main PC ready, along with the laptop you want to use as a second screen. Make sure both devices have the latest Microsoft Windows version 10 or higher installed on them.

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How To Use Laptop As Monitor

There are different ways in which you can carry out the setup. Either you can use some built-in features by Windows or you can use some 3rd party software available on the Internet. Let’s move on to the steps.

  • Using Miracast on Windows Systems
  • Navigate to Start Menu and click on Settings

How To Use Laptop As Monitor

  • Click on the System Icon
  • Then click on “Projecting to this PC”


  • Then, change the first drop-down menu to Available.
  • You can also make other necessary changes required.

This is all you need to set up on your laptop to make it compatible to use a secondary monitor. Now let’s move to the settings for the computer that it needs to connect.

  • Click on the Notifications in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Then, click connect button on the Notifications windows.


  • Your Main PC will search for any available device to connect on the screen. As soon as your laptop name appears on the screen. Click on it.
  • Then head to your laptop and accept the connection
  • Finally, right-click on your desktop on your main PC, and select ‘Display Settings’
  • In the Display menu, change the “Multiple Displays” option to “Extend desktop to this display”

Viola, you’ve now successfully set up your laptop as a secondary monitor.

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Using A Third-Party Program Like Space Desk

If you are not okay with the first method, you can try out a third-part application that serves the same purposes. Here, we’ll be using a very popular tool names Space Desk.

Space Desk

  • Download and install the software on both the system.
  • Make sure both the systems are connected to the same network.
  • Launch the application on your laptop.
  • Your laptop will automatically detect your main computer on the list.
  • Locate your main computer and click on Connect.
  • You are now connected to your main computer.

Advantages Of Using A Secondary Screen

Multiple Tasking

It is simple use is to use multiple software, games, documents, video, etc all at the same time.

For example, a content writer may need to switch between different tabs to write content, and this set up makes it easier. Also, if you need to watch movies and keep an eye on your mail simultaneously, this could very helpful.

Increases Productivity

No matter your position in a company, having multiple screens will make your work faster and increase productivity at the same time.

A perfect set up in the office with the best system can do the job. Moreover, while using some third-party applications you can even connect your smartphones or tablets as well.

Digital Marketing

Well, Multiple screens have brought a huge advantage to marketers in the long run. Copying and sharing media files, posting updates, keeping a track of the stats, etc have all been made easier.

It even helps to share data across multiple platforms with just a single drag and drops.

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