HOW TOHow to Use two WhatsApp on iPhone without jailbreak

How to Use two WhatsApp on iPhone without jailbreak

WhatsApp has millions of daily active users which aren’t surprising with over two billion downloads on the App Store and Play Store combined. It’s a fast and straightforward way to reach out to friends and family with just using data. despite the fact that it works together with your telephone number, you don’t really have to pay cash to actually interact with contacts. Over WI-FI, you make video calls, voice calls and chats without charge.
How to Use two WhatsApp on iPhone
Why would anyone wish to use two WhatsApp account on iPhone? Well, for one if you’re into marketing, you may want a different account – your account and another one for the campaign which can represent your company. you’ll also want one for internal communications inside your office team. now that you see reasons for multiple accounts let’s show you the way to set them up on an iPhone.

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The good thing regarding our guide is that it involves ways that don’t need jailbreaking. So, your iPhone is safe from crashes. currently here are recommendations on how to use two WhatsApp on iPhone.

How to Use Two WhatsApp on iPhone

With this technique, you’ll learn How to Use two WhatsApp on iPhone without jailbreaking.

  • Create a general WhatsApp account by downloading from the App store on your iOS smartphone.
  • Launch your browser
  • Go to iOS.Othman.tv.
  • Select WhatsApp 2 and download it.
  • After installation, head to Settings > General > Profile.
  • Enable the ‘Trust VNE software.’

Then follow the on-screen directions, and you’re free to go.Trust VNE software

A keen truth concerning this technique is that you don’t need always to log in or sign off of both accounts.

Wrapping Up

Before you can use two WhatsApp on iPhone, make sure you have multiple phone numbers to verify these WhatsApp accounts. The third-party software solely makes your phone act as multiple devices whereas installing WhatsApp and doesn’t clone software. Thus, you need to own more than one SIM card. feel free to use any of the steps listed and please share your experiences with any of the methods.

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