HOW TO iPhone XS and XS Max into Recovery Mode

iPhone XS and XS Max into Recovery Mode [SOLVED]

This post will teach you how to put your iPhone XS and XS Max into Recovery Mode. iPhone XS and XS Max are the most recent iPhones in the market.

iPhone Xs and Xs Max are powered by the new Apple 12 Bionic hexacore 64-piece chipset. 

The unique operating system was iOS 11.0.1 but it is now upgraded to iOS 12.0.

iOS 12 is the twelfth mobile operating system by Apple Inc. 

It took over iOS 11 and it was disclosed in the year 2018. 

iOS 12 contains various functional abilities. It improves battery life span and security update too.

Since iPhone XS Max accompanies the most recent iOS 12.0. 

It’s good to know how to put your iPhone XS and Xs Max into recovery mode. 

Particularly when you have to troubleshoot a couple of things.

For example, when iTunes doesn’t recognise your iPhone Xs, your iPhone Xs or Xs Max stock on Apple logo or you can’t connect with iTunes on your iPhone screen. 

The following is another approach to put iPhone Xs and XS Max into recovery mode.

How to put Your iPhone Xs and Xs Max into Recovery Mode

Before you get started, ensure your phone is running the latest version of iTunes.

  • Then connect your iPhone X to a Macintosh or personal computer using your lightning bolt and open iTunes. The lightning bolt is a USB chord developed by Apple Inc and it is used to connect your phone to the computer for syncing and charging.
  • Force restart iPhone. Use the correct buttons by locating and pressing the volume up and the volume down and also the side button simultaneously until the phone reboots.
  • The device will display the Apple logo. Don’t let go of the Side button until you see the recovery-mode screen.
  • Your iTunes might display a message stating that “There is a problem with the iPhone that requires it to be updated or restored.”
  • Once you in recovery mode, you can either Restore or Update your iPhone. When restoring your iPhone device, it will wipe all your data but if your backup your data on your iCloud. It will automatically restore all your resources with internet connectivity.
  • If you select Update, it will upgrade the software to the latest version while preserving all the content and settings of your device.
  • iTunes will download the software on your device.

After the Update or Restore has been completed, you can set up your device using the on-screen instructions. 

And your iPhone will automatically reboot and exit recovery mode on its own.

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