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What Is The Right Time To Start Link Building For Your Business Blog

What Is The Right Time To Start Link Building For Your Business Blog?

Many would tell you that you should only begin with your off-page SEO after you’ve optimized your website for on-page elements. As opposed to this common disbelief, this could actually delay the returns you expect from your online portal.

Backlinks, being one of the strongest contenders of off-page elements, should be targeted right from the beginning.

The day you set up your website, should be the day how you plan to build backlinks for it. And to prove it, here are some supporting facts.

It Could Be Months Before You Gain Your First Natural Backlink

Several sources have claimed that it could take anywhere between 3 to 6 months before a piece of content ranks in Google SERPs. It means, without building manual backlinks and trying to gain a natural link could take up to 6 months.

Although Google prefers the links to be natural, you as a business owner can not wait that long to expect returns on your investment. You should read more about how natural backlinks can be dusky for bootstrapped businesses. In fact, during their early setup, every business needs quick leads and increased walk-ins, which of course, does not happen naturally.

Natural Backlinks Can Be Positive As Well As Negative

Another fast fact about natural backlinks is- you cannot control them. Although you can try to navigate and target a specific set of audience, you still cannot control who pays you a visit. And when anyone can reach you online, there are chances that they may link to your website.

It has been found that natural backlinks can be both- positive and negative. While good backlinks are always welcome, negative ones can affect more adversely than the good ones can do good.

Early Setup Can Boost SERP Rankings From The Beginning

As already mentioned it could take anywhere between 3 to 6 months to rank organically. You for sure, wouldn’t be happy at all to wait for that long. On the contrary, if you start with link building in your online marketing during the early phases, you can speed up your online visibility.

To your surprise, good and healthy backlinks not only bring in referral traffic but also help meet Google’s ranking parameters. And as a result, your website starts gaining better ranks in SERPs.

Planning Remarketing Strategies Becomes Easier

Another benefit of starting with your link building practices early is that you can gather more data. You must have read about how digital marketing practices offer measurable growth. This measurable entity is nothing but the precise data that you can access.

Where your audience is, what is the age group, which device they use to reach you, and so on. With all this data, you can create a buyer persona for your target audience. And also use this data to retarget them for better lead conversion. It’s a win-win strategy.

By now, you must be pretty convinced how important it is to start with your link building practices early. So, what are you waiting for? Start finding prospects and reach out to secure some good and healthy backlinks!

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