REVIEWSMeet The World Smallest Phone - zanco tiny t1

Meet The World Smallest Phone – zanco tiny t1

While most manufacturers of mobile phones are striving hard to make big screen phones, a company in the UK is pushing hard to produce the world smallest phone.
zanco tiny t1

The UK-based company Clubit New Media introduced Zanco Tiny T1, the smallest fully functional mobile phone “in the world.”

The zanco tiny t1 is smaller than your thumb and even light than a coin unbelievable right? Reports have made it known that it is 4 times smaller than iPhone and 1 million times finner.
zanco tiny t1


The first time you see this phone you won’t believe it exists. Your second thought is will be why does it exist? And the third time you look at it you will realize how much you want it. An interesting feature about this Zanco tiny T1 is that it can fit in into small jean pockets or runner leggings. which means it is perfect for joggers, walkers, cyclists, and those who part take in other sports.
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zanco tiny t1

Key Features of the Zanco Tiny T1

  • 300 Phonebook memory.
  • Stores 50 SMS Messages.
  • Stores the last 50 in/out numbers.
  • Nano Sim.
zanco tiny t1
  • 12.5mm OLED screen.
  • 32RAM + 32ROM.
  • Micro USB charger.
  • 13 Voice changers.
  • 200mAh battery.

Here are some reasons why you need the Zanco Tiny T1

zanco tiny t1
  • It’s a must-have phone of 2018.
  • It’s so small, it fits neatly in the palm of your hand!
  • It serves as a perfect emergency phone.
  • It’s so pretty.
  • It’s a perfect gift for gadget lovers.
  • It can be used whenever you want to travel light.
If you are in need of the Zanco Tiny T1 you can pre-order from Kickstarter for £30 ($40).
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