MORE Modern Technology: Supply of Joy or Distress

Modern Technology: Supply of Joy or Distress

People go too phone shops to buy the latest phone with latest apps installed on it, which could do almost everything except been able too tell one what will happen tomorrow. We boast around with it especially if it is made by popular brand. But how in the world can we do without our phones?
Modern technology

Nowadays, we spend most our time on our phones more than with our families. Sometimes, the time we spend with our families is on our phones which makes us spend more time on our phones. If it were possible to get married to our phones some people would have wedded their phones. Insane, right?


Lots of people have lost touch on how to relate with other people without hiding behind their phones and finally when they meet physically they act like nerds. As for the married once, the phones keep separating what GOD as joined together, as it takes its own position on the bed, and even goes with them too places their spouses dare not escort them too. In fact many people have lost their relationship because of this.


The solution to this is BALANCE, I guess. For example we can’t toss out our pen because our phones provide a good platform where we can write. We should not replace our relationships with our phones. Stay up to date with the latest technology (phones) to acquire skills, enjoy life, and do other things which will not affect our lives.


Lets spend time with our families the way we did before technology (phones) came out way. So that our phones which is supposed to bring them to us, won’t steal them from us.

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