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Money Heist Season 4

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Money Heist Season 4 returned to Netflix last night around the world for its viewers to watch.

The highly-rated Spanish series is among the most popular titles on Netflix so here’s what we know about it including how to download, stream and what to expect from the next part. álvaro morte.

Over 34 million followers tuned in to watch the show across the world. The show is also frequently mentioned in Netflix’s advertisement video in saying it was a key driver in international growth.

When will Money Heist Season 4 Be Released on Netflix?

As per all Netflix Originals, the release date for Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) Season 4 was Friday, April 3, which eight episodes was released all at once onto Netflix.

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How to Download and Stream Money Heist season 4

The series has been anticipated for a long time and we even thought it would be postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic the world is facing.

But it’s finally here and you can download it from o2tvseries here’s how to download it from o2tvseries, you can as well download it from Toxicwap here’s how to download it from Toxicwap.

For those interested in streaming it, you can that on Netflix Original.

Where to Download Money Heist Season 4 Subtitles

The newly released La Casa De Papel Season 4 subtitles are out, And you can download the subtitles in SRT File here:

Spoiler and What to Expect

Warning: Spoilers is from season 3 so if you haven’t caught up, this is for you.

You should remember that at the end of the last part police detective Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri) found out nairobi alba flores had a son.

So she used the young boy against her, tricking him into the square outside the bank so as to get nairobi alba flores to see him through the window.

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However, nairobi alba flores was shot in the chest by a sniper when she came closer to the window to see her son.

Money Heist Season 4

It ended while she was bleeding inside the building as the team desperately tried to save her life.

Money Heist Season 4

At the beginning, the gang tried to save her life after the bullet was stocked beneath her lung.

Initially, the gang decided she would leave the Bank of Spain and hopefully be transferred to a hospital for proper treatment.

However, they realised this was too dangerous and the team instead tried to operate on her themselves. The bullet was taken out from under her lung successfully and she was left to recover.

nairobi alba flores was recovering as the series progressed and she was up and inspiring her gang to complete the heist. álvaro morte.

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A former hostage and the head of security of the Bank of Spain Gandia (José Manuel Poga) managed to escape earlier and had been monitoring the gang since then.

In the sixth episode, he had nairobi alba flores under his control and was threatening her with a gun. She was eventually shot in the chest point-blank in the head, killing one the fan-favourite.

Viewers were left devastated by the move as the series saw her reunited with two members of the gang, Moscow (Paco Tous) and Berlin (Pedro Alonso) in a moving final moment. álvaro morte.

Is Season 4 the Final Part

We are not sure if season 4 of Money Heist is going to be the final part.

We’ve heard rumours that work is already ongoing on the fifth part but nothing has yet to be confirmed.

Stay glued to our blog as we are going to updating with the news information we get.


Finally, in case you’re finding it difficult to download Money Heist Season 4 (2020), English Subtitles to your computer or smartphone, You can leave a comment behind and we will get the issue fixed in hours.

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