COMPUTER How to Fix “No Root File System Is Defined” Error

How to Fix “No Root File System Is Defined” Error

How to Fix “No Root File System Is Defined” Error.

It is common that a lot of people encounter this problem while trying to install Ubuntu and they don’t know what causes not to mention how to fix this.

This message can be fixed and you can as well prevent you from receiving this error message while trying to install Ubuntu.

In this guide, you will find all you need to know about the error message as we will be showing the details about the No Root File System Is Defined Error message and you will find fixing this error easily.

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What Causes “No root file system is Defined’’ Error?

No Root File System is Defined

This error message will come up when you are installing a Ubuntu or other Linux distributions.

I was installing Ubuntu at a point and I got this error message, so let’s begin with what may be the cause for receiving this message. This may be caused by any of the following:

  • A valid Linux Partition may have not been created.
  • You may be attempting to use a Windows partition (FAT or FAT32) to install Ubuntu
  • A Linux partition may exist but you have NOT defined the root partition (“/”)

Fix for “No Root File System Is Defined’’ Error

If you follow the following steps below, you will be able to fix this error message and continue your Ubuntu Linux installation. Here are the solutions:

Method 1 Fix for “No Root File System Is Defined’’ Error: Create a Linux Partition and Assign a Root Partition

  • Select a free partition on the Installation type page, then click the + sign to add a partition.
  • The create partition will be created after you must have click on the + sign.
  • Then, On the Create partition window configure the following:
  • The default will be the full size of the partition on the Size field. Then you enter a value here in MB.

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  • Then you will have to select the type of partition, Primary or Logical partition.
  • Select the Beginning of space or End of space on the Location for the new partition.
  • Then you will have to select a file system. I chose the default, Ext4 journaling File system
  • Select a Mount point. The Mount point drop-down will then shows some options:
  • Once you are done, click Ok.

Method 2 Fix for “No Root File System Is Defined” Error: Delete Existing Windows Partition

If you may have received the “No Root File System Is Defined” Error then this is because you may have selected a FAT32 or FAT file system, then you will have to delete it.

Once you delete the partition, then it will appear as a free partition. At this moment, you can then use the steps in the last section to re-create the partition.

Follow the steps listed below to delete a partition

To delete a partition, right-click it and select Delete. But you may also select Change to change the file system to a Linux file system.

Once you click Change, an option s going to the lad and pop up on your screen.

Then to change the file system to a Linux file system click the Use as drop-down, select a file system and click Ok.

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Method 3 Fix for “No Root File System Is Defined” Error: Define A Root Partition

The error “No Root File System Is Defined” may still occur if you have a partition but did not define a root (/) partition.

No partition will have the / as mount point if there is no root mount point. Check the following instructions below to know more about fixing this problem

To fix this:

You will have to Right-click on the partition you wish to use as root and select Change. You can also double-click the partition.

When the Edit partition option opens, beside Mount point click the drop-down and select /.and click Ok.

In Conclusion

We are confident that if you use this instruction, the “No Root System is Defined” Error message is going to be easier for you to fix.

If you have any questions that you would like to ask about this guide, you can drop it in the comment section as we would not hesitate to give your desired answer.

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