In this post How to quickly switch to your previous app on Android. Multitasking through Multi-Window mode in android nougat is a good way to tackle two tasks quickly, however not all apps support that feature.
How to quickly switch to your previous app on Android

Generally, you really need to go full screen to be productive. For those occasions, Nougat’s new fast Switch feature is the answer.

While it doesn’t enable you to move with 2 apps at the same time, fast Switch makes jumping back and forth between 2 apps fast.

Naturally, once the most important point for a feature is its speed, it higher be simply accessible and as you may see that’s definitely the case with fast Switch.

Steps How to quickly switch to your previous app on Android

1. Open the two apps that you would love to switch between.
2. Double-tap the Recents button as required to switch. Note that one tap will open the recent apps screen for sorting through all open apps.

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That’s all there’s to it — no more jumping back to the home screen or opening the recent apps screen just to come back to that last app. (If you’re on the home screen, incidentally double-tapping the Recents button — or the overview button, as it’s generally known as — takes you to the last app you had opened.) enjoy the increased productivity.

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