REVIEWSRecordCast - Records Everything We Do on Computers for Free

RecordCast – Records Everything We Do on Computers for Free

RecordCast has been on the market for some time, but I only noticed it a few days ago and I found it fascinating.

Has it happened to you that a friend or colleague requires your help to do some configuration or procedure, especially when it came to installing programs or settings? I did it through images before, but with RecordCast I can record a short video in a short time and achieve the goal now.

A video will always be more digestible than several images, especially in the cases of the tutorials that are trending at the moment. I teach you how to use this valuable tool so that you can be much more precise to share a procedure.

What makes RecordCast the most suitable tool to record the screen of our computer is that despite being free, it has ads, no watermarks.

Outstanding Features of RecordCast

No installation

It is completely online too. You just have to access their website RecordCast.com and from there do the whole process, no programs or extensions or plugin to be added to your browser.

Custom recordings

With RecordCast, you can capture screencasts as you need. You can record the whole desktop, a specific application, or a tab of your browser. In fact, you can combine it with microphone audio and system audio if you wish. If you use a webcam, you can simply move its position and show yourself in a circle, square, rectangle mask. You can also adjust the size of the mask.

It has its own online editor

If you need to make some improvements to your recordings, you can add text, elements, overlays, and others to your presentation with RecordCast built-in video editor. It’s simple to apply intro and outro to improve the content of the video.

Record video calls or video conferences

Another great feature is that you can record the meeting rooms of the different video conference software or any video call; precisely so that you can consult its content later.
This is especially appropriate for middle and upper-level students; so that they have the possibility to record the meetings online.

How does RecordCast work?

Since it is an online tool, we need to open the website on a browser first. Then we can make some settings to start our recording. After opening the website, we’ll see a button “Start Recording”. Press this button to start recording.

Recording mode

Before starting the recording, the platform will show us a screen with three options which are three different options to record, depending on what you want to do.

recordcast Recording mode

Screen and Webcam: This alternative is perfect for conferences and academic workshops; as it enables the camera in a small frame while displaying the entire screen.

Screen Only: I recommend this option when what you need to share requires being punctual and also generate a lightweight file that can be uploaded or shared quickly.

Webcam Only: Here it is not required to record the exterior; this option does not enable the computer desktop; but rather, it is to share the person’s image to establish a talk or conversation.

Audio option

When you have selected the option of your convenience, click on the “next” button. It will direct you to another part of the configuration, in which we will grant the corresponding permissions to the program to use our multimedia resources for recording.

Recordcast Audio option

After allowing the use of the microphone, you must specify it by choosing an option. These include: accessing the audio from the “microphone” and from the “system” audio. Access only one of the two audios or dispense with the audio in its entirety.

Finally, we will be advised of the amount of time we have for recording, which will not exceed half an hour. After having everything ready, press “Start recording”.

Recording area

recordcast Recording area

When we start recording, we will see another screen where we must indicate to the system, the space of the screen that will be recorded and displayed. There are three options that can be chosen:

The entire screen area: It is very useful to explain some type of installation or the use of the software.

A defined application: For example, that it focuses on the application that we have active. You can explain some procedures of a specific program.

A browser tab: Generally to explain procedures that are related to something on the Internet, such as how to use an online service.

Having this defined as well, we only have to press the “share” button and what we are doing will be transmitted and recorded.

Polish recording

Polish recording

After recording, we can continue editing our recordings by clicking the “Edit and Export in MP4” button with RecordCast’s video editor. It offers more than a million of elements under its database. We also have the option to add text, background, music, overlay, and adjust them to best according to our needs.



The final step is to export our recording by clicking on the Export button at the right top of the tool page. Then we can rename the video and choose a resolution to export it to our computer for free without watermarks.

In Conclusion

RecordCast is very practical for us to record everything we do on our computers for free. There are no ads and no watermarks on our final video. We can freely adjust the recording settings and manually edit the recordings according to our needs and export it up to 1080p.

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