MORERemovable Vs Non-removable Batteries: Which One Should You Pick?

Removable Vs Non-removable Batteries: Which One Should You Pick?

Removable Vs Non-removable Batteries

Phone users have lots of choices to make from a glut of phones available in the market. This is due to the advent of technology every other day. Whereas it’s left to us to choose the phone we wish, these specifications play a crucial role in making choices. One such specification is deciding whether or not to get a phone with removable or non-removable battery.

Pros of a Removable Battery


No Lagging

Removable Vs Non-removable Batteries

Whenever a phone with removable battery freezes, the easiest way to resolve it is to remove the battery and reinsert it. Hurry! Your phone is working well again.

For The Outdoorsy

Removable Vs Non-removable Batteries


It is easy to carry an extra removable battery with you when traveling or trekking. So you can replace your battery when needed.

Selling Affairs

Removable Vs Non-removable Batteries


Tired of your phone? Wish to sell it? You can easily sell your removable battery phone on the market because the buyer can buy a new battery when the battery has a problem.

Cons Of a Removable Battery


Style Speaks!

Removable Vs Non-removable Batteries


If you are kind of person that likes a slim phone, you will never want your phone to be thick all because of the battery.

Fear Of Damaging The Contacts

Removable Vs Non-removable Batteries


Removing the battery from your phone whenever it freezes can damage battery’s contact and other important parts of the phone.

Pros Of Non-removable Battery



Removable Vs Non-removable Batteries


Non-removable battery phone does not have open space, so there are no possible ways for dust getting into the device.


Removable Vs Non-removable Batteries


Is your phone stolen? Don’t worry. The battery of your cannot be removed since it is non-removable. So, your phone can be traced to wherever it may be.


Removable Vs Non-removable Batteries

Non-removable battery phones are forever slimmer than removable battery phones because there are no more extra spaces.

Cons Of Non-removable Battery


Heating Issue

Removable Vs Non-removable Batteries


If your phone battery starts swelling, you might not find out until it’s late. Swelling and heating happen in removable battery phones, causing the screen to crack.

Micro SD Slot

Removable Vs Non-removable Batteries


Lots of Non-removable battery phones don’t have micro SD card slot. And this is a big disadvantage for users who value large storage space.


Removable Vs Non-removable Batteries


Whenever a non-removable battery phone freezes or stop responding, and pressing down the power button does not help, you have no choice than to wait for the battery to run down. Or you take your phone to a service center for repairs, which will cost you to fix.
So, now that you have known pros and cons of removable and non-removable battery, which will you go for? Let us know in the comment section below.
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