MOREPrioritize safety in your nighttime construction work!

Prioritize safety in your nighttime construction work!

Prioritize safety in your nighttime construction work!

“You are never fully prepared if you haven’t added safety to the checklist.”

The construction industry is one of the most dangerous industries in the world. There is no doubt about that. Besides, if we take a look at the prevailing statistics, this statement outshines the danger level. Don’t believe us? That’s alright, you can see for yourself.

  • According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), 58.6% of the fatal injuries/deaths are due to construction site accidents.
  • As per Accident Analysis and Prevention’s report, the rate of non-fatal injuries in this industry is 71%. (It is higher than any other industry.)
  • According to the NSC (National Safety Council), generally, in an on-site accident, the workers of age group between 34-35 get injured.

All the above data is about general accidents occurring on the site. Now imagine the risk level of working at nighttime. Needless to say that the threat gets multiplied. Along with the risk of injuries, you also have to deal with the risk of employee theft and fraud. Thus you should stay prepared.

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So, are you ready to learn about nighttime construction safety? Is that a yes! Alright then, without further ado, let’s get started!

Nighttime Construction Safety Tips

Training of the staff

There is a huge difference between working in daylight and working after sunset. Indeed there are plenty of advantages such as less low traffic, low operating costs, and cooler temperature. However, to fully enjoy these benefits, all the people at the site must be trained.

It includes training of proper managers, engineers, workers, designers, safety officers, and supervisors. Educate them about the safety measures, first-day procedure, and proper usage of all the equipment. Show care towards them and tell them to stay cautious. It will help in reducing the number of accidents.

Install cameras

Most of the fraudulent activity takes place during the night. But how would you know what is happening on the site? Yes, that’s right! With the help of CCTV cameras, you will be able to keep an eye on every activity. The experts at Mobile Video Guard suggest getting surveillance systems equipped with red/blue flashing strobe lights. So that the surveillance operators can talk with the site and prevent crime.

Besides, how can you forget about the benefit of using video clips as evidence to the police and insurance companies? In fact, with real-time monitoring, you can prevent such a situation from arising.

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Provide proper lighting

The major disadvantage of the light work is that you don’t have proper lighting available. Thus the risk of both fatal and nonfatal injuries increases. Therefore, you have to ensure that proper lighting is being provided to the workforce. It will benefit not only the employees but also the general public. Besides that, adequate lighting also ensures that quality work is being done.

Safety kit

Lastly, it is a must that your site has a fully prepared safety kit. So that if any kind of accident occurs, you can protect the person without any type of delay.

Wrapping up nighttime construction safety!

When you work in a risky industry, the safety and security of every person become your responsibility. Thus, you should be prepared from every side to reduce all kinds of risks, whether related to theft or fatal accidents.

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