MORE 8 Signs That Your Smartphone Is Making You Dumb

8 Signs That Your Smartphone Is Making You Dumb

In our world today, a smartphone is something everyone must-have. It is a symbol that must be shown that we possess. However, while our smartphones are getting smarter due to technological advancement, we are are getting dumber due to our extravagant use of it. In this article, you will see 5 signs that your smartphone is making you dumb.
Want to know the latest fashion in town? easy! Want to know the latest gadget? Simple! Want to know the best place to take your girlfriend/boyfriend on their birthday? Even if you want to know the movie that will be shown in the cinema the next day? You will know all these in no time. Virtually everything and anything is possible with your smartphone.
Signs That Your Smartphone Is Making You Dumb
So addicted we have become to our smartphones that we can’t even tell what date it is without it. Our smartphone as affected our analytical thinking numbed our logical skills and stifled our brainpower. below are the signs that your smartphone is making dumb.

Signs That Your Smartphone Is Making You Dumb

You Have Bad Communication Skills

This is 100% true. Can you remember the last time you had a normal conversation with someone? NO! Thinking about it? This is because we are not only stocked with our phones because we want to communicate with our distance families or friends but also need it to ease boredom or awkwardness. You have forgotten the ancient tradition of communication.

Dating and Love

Who hasn’t heard of that classic saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”? Well, unfortunately, that is increasingly the case when it comes to our love lives. The organic magic of love seems to be ever-diminishing when people feel that their options are limitless. We’re becoming increasingly shallow. Too often, we caustically swipe away one person’s entire personality in lieu of another’s manipulated appearance. If we are honest with ourselves, the idiom “Easy come, easy go,” is deeply rooted in our psychology, as is that truism “Good things take time.

You Can’t Remember Your Mum’s Number

Concurred that thousands of contacts can be stored on your smartphone. But we agree to it relief you to memorize phone numbers at least of your close once. Most of us have forgotten the number of our close once. Imagine your phone battery is dead, and you need to make an important call to someone at home and not being able to remember anyone phone number, not even your mum’s phone number. so sad.

You Can’t Spell Correctly Anymore

Our linguistic ability is one of the skills that has dropped since the existence of smartphones. It is becoming intense to see those shortened words on your phone screen. It took me nearly two days to figure this out “symtyms I dnt knw wt he mnz”. With the help of auto correct, chatting has become very easy, but have made you dumber.

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Our sex lives

The psychological impact of phones on our lives is most palpable when it becomes clear that many people would actually rather brainlessly gawk at their social media feed and/or perve jealously at the ‘real’ lives of others than indulge that most intimate and precious of acts: sex. Many couples today lie there in bed, side-by-side, but are distances apart in terms of paying attention to each other, because they are on their phones.

You Are Unable To Sleep Peacefully

This is very serious, you might not be with your phone, but it will disturb your sleep when you place it close to yourself. what about the persistent checking of your WhatsApp messages and facebook notification? Depriving yourself of sleeping is not good for your health. So try to depart yourself from your phone for at least 8-hours.

You Cant Focus On Important Things

This is a very serious harm which our smartphone is causing to us. We miss out from classes, hangout, and get together all because we are been carried away by our smartphones. Too bad. So let us try to give room for important things and not just be on our phone all the time.

Stupid spending

Smartphones are ridiculously expensive. Just as we have been cleverly nurtured into believing that a constant stream of ‘new’ data satisfies us that we are indeed alive, the materialistic cult of ‘newness’ extends to our envy of new products. We need the latest, in order to not be left behind, irrelevant, and undesirable. The thing is, if you aren’t a tech expert, there’s actually very little difference between a basic smartphone and a giant tablet of a phone. Trends come and go, but don’t be a sucker. It’s pretty safe to say that chunky phones will soon be out, and we’ll rebound to smaller models, questioning ‘what were we thinking.’ Then the vice versa will occur. Don’t shell out for the ’emperor’s new clothes.’ Break the chain and develop yourself a personality, instead of buying yourself a sheepskin.

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It is so sad that many of us are victims of one of these aforementioned attitudes. So, it is high time we desist from any of them so we can have a meaning life.
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