REVIEWS Skype vs Zoom: Which video Conferencing App Is Best For Working From...

Skype vs Zoom: Which video Conferencing App Is Best For Working From Home?

Skype vs Zoom: Which video Conferencing App Is Best For Working From Home?

For remote organizations, Zoom and Skype are two of the most recommended communication tools.

You can use both platforms to make video calls, chat, and anchor meetings or webinars. And if you’re in need a new platform to help you do these things, you should consider both platforms.

Even if you work from the comfort of your home, the business must continue as usual. So, since your colleagues won’t be at the desk or room next to you, the best option is to utilize a communication tool is video chat.

While there are a few options to select from, Zoom and Skype are the two most popular video conferencing tools.

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skype vs zoomThe Zoom video conference app is compatible with Android, iOS, PC, and Mac. The app provides a basic free plan that hosts up to 100 participants.

There are also offers for small and medium business teams ($15-$20 a month per host) and large enterprises for $20 a month per host with a 50-host minimum.

You can schedule meeting times, and choose multiple hosts. Up to 1,000 users can participate in a single Zoom video call, and 49 videos can show on the screen at once.

Zoom’s chat feature also allows viewers to directly communicate with the instructor and other participants, ensuring a collaborative classroom setting.

It is free to sign up with Zoom. You can either manually sign up an account with an email or sign in with your Google or Facebook account.

Zoom Pros

  • Conduct live Conference meeting.
  • Access meeting metrics, such as top users by meeting minutes.
  • Provides in-depth support, such as live support, online chat, phone support, FAQs, and video tutorials.
  • Easy integrations with Slack and Zapier.
  • Recording of meetings, call, webinar for reuse.
  • Provides a free basic plan for 100 participants.
  • Its plans are quite expensive for a larger enterprise.
  • Sometimes It provides poor video quality.
  • It’s audio and video quality deteriorates during conference meetings.


skype vs zoom

Like Zoom, Skype’s innovative chat interface allows users to send quick messages to other users. Users can easily integrate video with audio right from their chat windows.

However, Skype is a great platform for instant messaging, file sharing, screen sharing and informal-based video or audio calls.

Skype can accommodate close to 50 people in a single video call, as well, which can come in helpful for business meetings.

The app allows for calls to be recorded for future use. Captions and subtitles are also available. You can schedule calls on skype and be alerted through mobile or desktop.

Skype Pros

  • It is great for IM, holding video chats, and making local and international calls.
  • It can be used to share a large document.
  • Provides free version for smaller teams.
  • It can be integrated with the Microsoft suite for better communication.

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Skype Cons

  • Skype has a technical drawback which is freezing during video calls.
  • Poor support services.

Conclusion On Skype vs Zoom

Zoom and Skype both offer better packages and are designed to take your business communications to the next level.

But we think that the Zoom platform has an edge over skype because of its free and paid tiers.

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