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Social Shopping: What Is it & Why It Is Important For Brands in 2021

There is no doubt that social shopping has become that marketing strategy everybody wants to employ, simply because it is result-driven. And anything that is promising already has everybody’s fancy.

Moreover, why wouldn’t the brands take advantage of something that customers consciously and unconsciously choose for themselves over all the other options?

Choosing social media for shopping provides millions of people with the stimulus to shop, know the trends, and make their purchase decisions based on the other users’ experience. This is the reason why brands are converting their offline stores online.

Social shopping is a trend that has become essential for brands selling products. To know and understand more about the same, make your way to the end.

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What Is Social Shopping?

Social shopping is the collaboration of social media and eCommerce. In place of marketing the products on social media platforms to drive more engagement, conversions, and sales, the entire product catalog is shifted on social media with price tags.

This implies that customers can shop directly from the content. But, it is not just restricted to this. You can also use shoppable content on your eCommerce website.

Shoppers want their shopping experience to be comfortable and hassle-free. Hence, they predominantly lookout for brands selling on social media.

Why Do Brands Need It In 2021?

Social commerce is the next step in omnichannel retail. Social omnichannel retail is already an established norm amongst the sellers. They already are advertising on various social media platforms to generate engagement for the audience and drive them towards their website.

But, now, they will use the same ads not to derive just traffic but also revenue. Below are some key points laying focus on why brands need social shopping in 2021.

User-Generated Content Will Continue To Dominate

Word-of-mouth marketing has always been the best way to construct a brand’s identity and trust among potential users. Imagine, when a user shares a product on their story or post, they grant their approval for the product, and just by that, the reach magnifies.

Brands leverage their loyal customers to drive sales for them without even spending a bit of money on advertising. This also has a positive impact on the engagement of the brand.

User-generated content attracts other users as they get informed about the existing customers to share their reviews about the brand’s products, functionality, and authenticity of the products. When users talk about any of the products used, they enhance the re-share value by initiating interactions.

By displaying user-generated content on the shoppable social media feeds, brands can facilitate getting more users on board; well, that’s how the dice of UGC rolls.

Efficient & Easy Product Discovery

The content that users share on social media plays a crucial role in connecting the users with products. Also, merchants can access user traffic through ads or discount promotions. Having a presence on social media platforms can also make the customer journey easy. They can easily chat, raise queries, check on their order status, share their experience, etc.

Moreover, product discovery for customers becomes easy. They can just perform a search irrespective of the keyword and come across many products made available to them.

Generate More Traffic

Actively working towards building your social media audience and working it up with social commerce helps more conversations. It encourages people to interact with the brand by getting involved in the two-way channels of communication.

Through sharing and reposting, brands can build audiences and boost engagement and traffic via better impressions. It also pushes SEO performance by giving the website an increased dwell time and a reduced bounce rate.

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More Sales

Social shopping most definitely generates more sales since it has more conversions. Moreover, the users’ attention span has reduced a lot, which means that brands need to give them experience in a short time; this is where social shopping plays a crucial role.

It curtails down the customers’ purchase journey in just two-steps, which means the customers can spend more time scrolling through the products and less time in their purchase journey. Moreover, through social shopping, the cart abandonment rate reduces big time, which indicates more sales.

Over To You

Social shopping is a marketing tactic that capitalizes when the user’s intent and enthusiasm to purchase the product is at its maximum. Formulating smart marketing strategies around social commerce is the best bet for brands in today’s age and time. Think of embedding your shoppable Instagram feed on your website; optimally utilize the content generated by your users to generate more trust, engagement, conversions while also improving your brand image and awareness.

If, after knowing all the benefits of social shopping, you still do not think over employing it, you are missing out on greatness, literally.

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