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Top 5 Timepieces To Get Your Special Girl On Valentine’s Day

Investing in luxury timepieces could somehow equate to the worth that the woman present in your life deserves. It could signify to her that the time you share is of value for you and considered a wonderful treasure. This will also hold a sentimental value, for it could express the gratitude you have for the woman who invested her time and effort to nurture, care, and influence your life for a better good.

Should you want to exceed the line on Valentine’s Day, a Chopard watch is the way to a happy heart.

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A Gift For Your Sister

One of the highest forms of friendship is your relationship with your sister. A part of who you are today is the humble beginnings that you have shared with your siblings. It would mean a lot to her to be given a watch, for it will remind her of the good old days you two have enjoyed together.

One of the lavish timepieces from the Happy Diamond Collection by Chopard is the stunning emerald green color watch with alligator leather material straps and a dual whirl design adorned with immaculate shiny diamonds that make the watch elevate its style. The emerald green has hints of rose gold on and around it within the sort of hands and case.

This watch is a piece that would make an impression of daintiness and a sense of elegance towards all getups. It embraces many outfits that’s why it is a dream for any girl to own one.

A Gift For Your Fiancé

Unlike roses and chocolates that are often gifted on Valentine’s Day, a watch is made to last a lifetime that could constantly remind her of your love for her even when you are parted by distance.

This collection of Chopard Dameur 18 Karat Gold Med REM is the 204780-5301 design under the series of Happy Diamonds. It features its boldness and audacious personality among the other luxury wristwatches. The dial with no indexes is placed within a sub edge of diamonds skirting throughout while the bezel then is surrounded by another rim of diamonds. Besides these two are five diamonds on the strip case. The red satin strap gives it a sense of allurement. While the diamond-set case of the watch is made of 18K rose gold, that makes it the center of attraction for most women.

This is certainly the timepiece you want to get for your soon to be beloved wife!

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A Gift For Your Wife

As you celebrate your happy married life with your lifetime partner, it would be a great gesture to give her a watch. This would remind her of all the amazing years you have shared and those years that you look forward to together.

The 384319-5008 watch model is a commendable timepiece by Chopard. When worn, it establishes a classic and elegant look for the women. With a silver-colored mother-of-pearl dial and rose gold-tone numerals, it showcases an exquisite proficiency in the watch’s making and thus is considered a timeless piece. The rose gold-tone of the bracelets makes it versatile and goes well with any get-ups.

This must be the watch that your wife has been eyeing for a long time. Go get it for her!

A Gift For Your Mother

You can never replace the love and bond of a mother and her son. Whenever you seek comfort and care, a mother would instantly share her time and gladly serve you just like the old days, as if no time has passed by. Therefore, a luxurious watch is a match for a mother’s undying love for her son.

From the Diamond-Hour collection of Chopard’s is another remarkable piece since it features its diamond-studded whirl case. It is water-resistant and features a self-winding or automatic mechanical movement. The striking highlight of the construction is the emerald green dial embellished with diamonds around it. Emerald green is associated with the sign of royalty and prosperity. It is also called a tone of blessing and rebirth. This fully reflects the image of a mother.

She has been providing all the best for her son, maybe now is the time to reciprocate the love!

Overview Of The Brand

Chopard is a Swiss luxury company that has been renowned as one of the top luxury brands of watches and pieces of jewelry. The company brings expertise in gem-setting and goldsmithing fields. It continues to lead the jewelry industry and manufactures watches since the year 1860 from the headquarters of Geneva and thus considered to be historically rich.

Chopard watches are a significant investment since it increases value over time, just as the relationships will continue to prosper over the years!


A timepiece gifted by a loved one holds a significant value for a woman. Whenever she would look at her wrist and read the time, she would always remember that sweet gesture of giving her a luxurious gift.
Should you want to check out more of the Chopard timepiece collection, visit the Watchsopping.com website.

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