COMPUTERHow to Sync iPhone to iPad with AnyTrans for iOS

How to Sync iPhone to iPad with AnyTrans for iOS

Pondering on how to sync iPhone to iPad? Still thinking syncing iPhone to iPad may be a difficult process?

This guide will offer you great ways to resolve this problem! In order to sync iPhone to iPad, you’ll think about using iTunes or iCloud.

Still, we all know that it’s quite difficult for somebody to create back up and restore it to a different device.

also, you’ve got to take the chance of erasing your information while syncing.
How to Sync iPhone to iPad with AnyTrans
Thus, you’ll wonder that’s there any helpful and efficient tool that can help me do all the things regarding sync quickly and simply?

Well, here it’s – AnyTrans for iOS, an iOS data transfer tool which is professional and efficient with quite 11million users. It assists users to manage manifold iOS data smoothly and neatly.

It can be considered as the best solution on how to sync iPhone to iPad directly with these main features:

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  • Support transferring all kinds of iOS files. such as contacts, photo, messages,  movie, notes, and ringtones, almost all the iOS data can be managed on AnyTrans for iOS with ease.
  • Directly transfer from iPhone to iPad without having to back up. No the lengthy process of backing up and restoring, the data on your iPhone will directly be synced from iPhone to iPad.
  • Rapid transfer. By using AnyTrans for iOS, you’ll save a lot of waiting time. for instance, 3000 photos will be transferred in less than five minutes on AnyTrans for iOS.
  • Absolute safety and security. All the data on your iPhone and iPad are going to be kept safe onAnyTrans for iOS. No leak or loss throughout the process of transferring.

How to Sync iPhone to iPad with AnyTrans

AnyTrans for iOS is accessible on both Mac and Windows laptop, currently, you can download it on your pc and follow the steps below to get the most effective solution on how to sync iPhone to iPad easily!

Step 1: Launch AnyTrans for iOS on your pc > Connect your iPhone and iPad along with your pc via USB cables > Click the Device Manager > choose your iPhone as the source device.

Step 2: Enter the 1-Click Management > select Clone Device or Merge Device.

And lastly, Step 3: choose the target device as your iPad > select the categories > begin the transfer.

You can additionally choose to selectively transfer certain files by following these steps:

Step 4: Click category Management > select the category you wish.

Step 5: Preview then choose files you would like to transfer > Click Send to iDevice on the submenu > begin the transfer.

You can download the software for windows and mac here respectively here and here.

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