REVIEWS The Best Apps for Freelancers

The Best Apps for Freelancers

The Best Apps for Freelancers.

With the growth of technology, the freelance market has grown exponentially in recent years. Freelancers have the independence of working at their own schedule with the amount of work they want to perform. With a lot of freelance markets on the internet, freelancers have several opportunities to earn a handsome amount.

Earning as much as one can is the ultimate goal of every freelancer but it is only possible if they work smartly and use technology to maximize their productivity. As a freelancer, you need to do project management, team management, accounting, and financial management yourself that become hectic and difficult. Technology has come up with apps designed for these tasks that freelancers can use to pay more attention to their actual work of winning bids and completing tasks.

Here are some of the best apps that freelancers need to maximize their productivity. Sometimes, when I need to proofread my paper I also use ones for making my work faster.

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Time Tracking Apps with Invoicing Solution

Every freelancer needs a time tracker as their basic productivity tool. A time tracker helps freelancers to maintain a work-life balance by keeping a record of every working hour and automated administration.

A few of the apps that will help you track time along with providing an invoicing solution are Toggl, Harvest, My Hours, and Time Doctor.

Accounting Applications

It doesn’t matter if you are a business owner, a freelancer, or an employed person the toughest task for everyone is to manage financial matters. A business owner has a specialized accountant to take care of these matters while for an individual with a job financial matters are not that complex. For a freelancer, it becomes quite difficult to look after expenses, income, tax estimations, account balance, and all other finance-related matters.

Some of the apps that freelances should go for managing their accounts are FreshBooks, QuickBooks, Paypal, Wave, Shake, and Invocie2go.

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Note-Taking Applications

As a freelancer, you must keep a record of all business-related information in one place where you can find it when required. Taking notes of discussion you had with your clients and team members, a to-do-list of your weekly tasks, saving links of your research in one place are a few examples of vital business information. Again several applications can help you as a freelancer to keep all this information in one place.

Some of the famous note-taking apps that freelancers can use are Bear, Evernote, and Notion.

Cloud Storage Applications

As a freelancer just thinks for a second that the hard disk of your computer or laptop is crashed or damaged where you have saved all of your work-related data. You will lose all of your data if there is no backup for it. So better to opt for a cloud storage application where you can not only store all your essential data by paying a small amount but also manage your files properly to share with clients. Create a file naming system on such apps yourself for better tracking and make sure that you know how your service provider is handling old files.

Some of the go-to apps for cloud storage are Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Creative Cloud.

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