REVIEWSThe Guide To Visual Marketing In 2021

The Guide To Visual Marketing In 2021

The Guide To Visual Marketing In 2021.

2020 was a year full of new trends leading to an enhanced version of digital marketing. With a high density of content online, it was a damn tricky game to master the strategies yielding a high online economy.

One of the most shareable contents that emerged to be the king of all the content strategies was Visual Content. Marketers recognized this content strategy and capitalized on it, making it the key part of their overall marketing strategy.

And this gave rise to one of the most effective marketing strategies known as Visual Marketing.

What Is Visual Marketing in 2021?

Simply crafted, visual marketing is the type of digital marketing that involves visual elements such as images, videos, gifs, infographics, graphics to market the brands, products and services, events, etc.

Visual marketing has an incredible effect on the human mind and stimulates the customers’ and audiences’ emotions in a better way.

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It helps your customers visualize the products and engage with them and make an informed purchase decision. It is because visual content humanizes the brand’s products and provides the customers with a chance to choose and shop the product wisely.

Here are some of the major facts related to the visual merchandising of the products.

  • Visual Marketing makes impressions memorable for a long time as customers retain 65% of visual information even 3 days later.
  • Visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared on social media as compared to textual content.
  • Ecommerce sales of your brand are directly proportional to the quality of visuals you use for marketing. 67% of customers get influenced by images for making their purchase decision.
  • User-generated content is the best tool for visual marketing.

Types Of Visual Content Marketers Should Use

  • Enticing & Compelling Images
  • Exciting & Storytelling Videos
  • Entertaining Gifs
  • Strong Call To Actions
  • Interesting & Creative Infographics

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Visual Marketing Strategies To Stand Out In Competition

Make Your Customers The Hero Of Your Story

Make your customers the center of your marketing campaigns. Let them be the voice of your brand’s story. To make this happen, use your real and genuine customers’ experiences as images and videos to market your product on your eCommerce website.

Be Mobile Responsive

54% of visitors use their mobile phones to explore your online store. This figure is enough to understand the need of getting mobile responsive. All your videos, images, and other visuals should be easily adaptable with different screen sizes to provide an easy shopping experience for all mobile users.

Choose Visuals That Align With Your Brand’s Image

Let your Images stand out. But remember to choose images that do not deliver the negative image of your brand rather reflect the aesthetics of the brand. It is because people remember your brand by the visuals you use to promote it.

Turn Visuals Into Sales

Use these captivating visuals to turn customers’ points of attraction into point of sale. A visual commerce platform can help you achieve this by adding shoppable tags to the images, allowing the customers to shop directly from the images without getting redirected to several pages.

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Start With Social Selling

The best of all strategies, social selling simply means make your social profile a selling platform. Make your posts shoppable by adding shoppable tags such as price, product descriptions, checkout options. It curtails the purchase journey of the customers by letting them shop directly from the social media platform.

Stay Organized

Staying organized is the most important ingredient in the strategy of visual marketing. Managing the variety and volume of visuals that you use to market your brand and making them accessible to all the customers worldwide is the key to successful visual marketing.

Benefits Of Visual Marketing Strategy

Enables Storytelling

In a world full of image addicts, visual marketing acts as the best strategy brands can leverage. It allows the brand to display the story of the product rather than the detailed description of it. It lets the users connect more with the brand and increases engagement with them.

Creates Brand Identity Exclusively

Just like red is the color of Coca-Cola, visuals create an exclusive identity for the brand. They spotlight the features of the brand and its products so that it catches the attention of the customers. Visuals personify the brand and give your brand a unique image.

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Increases The Number Of Clicks

Visuals attract more customers as compared to any other form of content. People tend to click more on the post with visuals as visuals are highly convincing to the customers. It intensifies the engagement and increases the conversion rates of the brand with higher revenue generation.

Showcase Authenticity With UGC

User-generated content, the most authentic and trustworthy content that users rely upon. By displaying visuals as a part of UGC, brands create a sense of reliability for their products, building customer loyalty.

By displaying the images or videos created by genuine customers, brands enhance their relationships with the customers which adds credibility to their eCommerce stores.

Final Words

It’s time to incorporate visuals into your marketing strategy and give your sales a hike. Compared to 2020, 2021 will be more of online marketing and visuals are the key driver towards a successful marketing strategy.
So, strategize your visual marketing now.

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