The Most Misspelled Words, According to Google Searches. Some people just aren’t good at spelling English words.

Of course, being a bad speller doesn’t make someone a terrible person, it just makes you your friend to explain their message every time they text “to” when they meant “too.”

If you constantly correct spellings errors before searching it on google, you’re probably going to be interested in this information.

TheKnowledgeAcademy used Ahrefs to find out which words are being misspelled constantly in Google searches.

The data isn’t important, it isn’t saving lives, and it really isn’t even useful information. But it’s interesting and sometimes interesting is enough.

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Here are the top 10 most misspelled words from last month in Google search, together with the number of times they’ve been misspelled:

10 Most Misspelled Words

  • Separate (92,000)
  • Zucchini (60,400)
  • Questionnaire (46,000)
  • Potato (38,000)
  • Diarrhea (20,100)
  • Definitely (18,800)
  • Embarrass (15,000)
  • Conscience (14,600)
  • Unnecessary (11,960)
  • Bureaucracy (5,750)
  • Manoeuvre (1,900)

Most of the words aren’t that difficult to spell let’s be honest, we’ve all spelled diarrhea wrong.

But if you’re still spelling potato with an E, then there’s something wrong somewhere.

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