MOBILEIOSTips to Improve iPhone Performance

Tips to Improve iPhone Performance

Tips to Improve iPhone Performance.

Is your iPhone feeling sluggish off late? Thinking of switching to the latest model?

When you buy a new phone, you are indulged in an enjoyable experience because of the speed and performance it offers. You have fun chatting, playing games, experimenting with new apps, clicking pictures, listening to music, and much more. But, as time passes, your phone starts to give problems and its performance slows down! Without cell phone insurance, this adds to unwanted expenses.

Like any technology, phones slow down with age and usage. And, an iPhone is no exception.

Although the iPhone is known for its smooth performance, junk files, cluttered memory, things running in the background, etc. impact its performance. This leaves you feeling frustrated. If your iPhone has been troubling you for a while, don’t yet jump to buy that shiny, new model that has caught your eye.

Try these tips out to enhance your iPhone performance before spending on another.

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Switch it Off and On Again

Don’t we all do this? Whenever our phone gets stuck or becomes slow, we reboot it.
A simple tried, and tested method to boost your iPhone performance is to turn it off and on again.

Powering off your iPhone helps resolve several issues like freeing up your phone’s RAM. It is like a breather for your phone, which boosts performance. Simply press and hold the sleep/wake button until the slider to power off appears. Swipe it to power off. Again hold the same button to restart your device.

While you don’t have to do it all the time. Occasionally, restarting your device helps clear memory and fix app issues improving your iPhone’s performance.

Turn Off the Graphics and Motion

You might have seen certain visual effects on your iPhone’s home screen. Yes, they’re great and bring appeal to your phone. But, they consume power, lowering your phone’s performance. Turn down this motion in the settings to save your phone’s energy. To do this:

  • Go to your settings
  • Click on Accessibility
  • Go to Motion and tap the Reduce Motion option to turn it on

In older versions of the iPhone, you can find the option under the ‘General’ tab in the settings.
Another thing you can do to preserve your phone’s energy is to reduce the transparent background effects. This again uses power and slows down the phone.

  • Go to the Display and Text Size in the Accessibility tab in the settings
  • There you will find the Reduce Transparency option. Turn it on.

Free Up Space on Your iPhone

Overload of information causes your mind to slow down. Likewise, most speed and performance problems can be attributed to excessive storage. Check your storage in the settings. See how much memory is used up and what apps are taking up maximum space. Typically, too many applications, photos, videos, and music consume space.

Uninstall unwanted apps that have been lying idly in your phone. iOS 13 offers recommendations of things that you can delete in the settings. Scroll through the apps and remove the ones that you don’t use.

While you might want to keep your memorable pictures, important texts, and favorite tracks, it is imperative to delete some for better performance. One of the best ways to improve your phone’s performance and keep your stuff is to sign up for iCloud storage. In the case of music, you can use Apple Music that gives you access to Apple’s library and iTunes Match.

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Check your iPhone’s Battery

One of the reasons your phone has slowed down could be because of battery problems.

Yes, Apple had started slowing down older phones with aging batteries to extend their life back in 2017. But, customers weren’t happy, and Apple has withdrawn from doing it, unless the battery had aged enough that it became a necessity. This feature can be turned off in settings in the Peak Performance Capability.

However, if your iPhone battery is troubling you despite having no other issues, then it’s time to get it fixed or replaced. If you have an iPhone warranty, you’re lucky as it can save you tons of dollars!


Apart from this, there are various things that you can do like turn off apps running in the background, restore factory settings, or updating your phone. Maintaining an iPhone is a costly affair. Having an iPhone warranty can help you save in case of repairs.

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