After you must have researched, written-out, proof-read and posted a wonderful post. What next? Sharing to induce traffic right?
URL shorteners

But the link appearance is long and amateurish. Then you think of URL shortener.
Well, I will be sharing with you top 3 URL shorteners that would be useful to you.

1. is a URL shortener and also a social media automation tool. To use this tool, all you have to do is sign up, then you connect your social media profiles to your account. provides free and premium plans. The free plan permits you to only connect three of your social media profiles and share at most 10 posts daily.
It shares your daily updates to the connected social media profiles once you hit publish, automatically.


To use you do not need to sign up before you will be able to shorten URLs.
It doesn’t support social media automaton or auto share, however, they have analytics system.
This analytics system tells you the number of clicks the shortened URL gets. 

I believe we all know that is rarely going extinct and something from them is totally legit and their URL shortener is no exception.
It has the same features has, and can be used instead.
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