Twitter Adds Emoji Reactions To DMs

Twitter adds emoji reactions to DMs on all its platforms, iOS, Android and the web.

Twitter’s direct messages now have emoji reactions, the company made this known to us.

You need to update your twitter app to the latest version so as to benefit from this new feature.

To use the emoji m, you can either tap the small “heart and plus icon” beside the message received, or you can double-tap a message on your phone to access the emoji reactions menu.

The feature comes with seven emoji, which is more than Facebook currently supports.

The twitter emoji reactions include your typical thumbs up, laughing face, heart, and sad crying face emojis, and more

Twitter Adds Emoji Reactions To DMs

There is a fire emoji for sick burns and a thumbs down emoji.

To react to a message just double-tap the message or hit the heart and plus icon to react.

Twitter made it known to us that you can undo a reaction at any time, but also says that all conversation participants get notified whenever you add an emoji reaction to a message, choose the emoji carefully. 

The new feature is available on both web and mobile, but Twitter said that anyone using a later version of its app will see reactions displayed as text.

I’m so happy Twitter Adds Emoji Reactions To DMs, it will make twitter much more fun to us.

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