HOW TO UBA Transfer Code - How To Activate It

UBA Transfer Code – How To Activate It

UBA Transfer Code. Every UBA customer can totally use their USSD code to transfer money to other banks in Nigeria.

You can easily initiate bank transactions from your mobile phone; I tell you this if you have not heard of this before, but the process is very much easier with the USSD code.

How to Register for UBA USSD Code

uba transfer code

In this post, I would be guiding you on how you can use the USSD to transfer money from your UBA account to other banks.

And also list some of the other transactions you can use USSD to do with your UBA account.

Before we get started, I’d like to share with you some of the benefits of using USSD for your UBA transactions.

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UBA Transfer Code to Other Banks

First, its process doesn’t require an internet connection (like using the mobile banking app would), which means you can still make money transfer offline.

Also, it’s fast and convenient as well; you really don’t need to have a smartphone before you can make use of the USSD services. – how to activate UBA transfer code

UBA Transfer Pin

Firstly, you would need to have a working SIM which has been registered to your UBA account, to be able to use USSD services.

To transfer money from your UBA account to another bank account, just dial *919#.

A dialogue list of menus will popup, now select 5 to Send Money.

You would be required to pick a Payment Method, so you either select 1 for UBA account or 2 for UBA Prepaid card.

There are other transactions you can initiate with UBA USSD other than sending money to other banks.

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UBA Mobile Transfer Code to Other Banks

To transfer money to another UBA Account, simply *919*3# from your registered phone number, and follow through with the steps as they come.

However, to view your UBA account balance, dial *919*00#. To Top Up airtime on your phone, dial *919*Amount# – UBA recharge code

To pay bills, dial *919*5#, and to initiate ATM Cardless Withdrawal, dial *919*30*Amount#


UBA USSD was introduced to make banking with UBA a lot more convenient.

Note that, the main USSD code is *919# and all the other option follow after that.

One of the best things about USSD banking, as I’ve mentioned above, is that you don’t need an internet-enabled device or you don’t need the internet either.

However, you’ve still got the choice to use the mobile app as well.

So, you can use the USSD code if you’re out of internet data and need to do the transaction ASAP.

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