HOW TO What To Do Before Selling Your iPhone or iPad

What To Do Before Selling Your iPhone or iPad

What To Do Before Selling Your iPhone or iPad.

If you like most Apple fans, I’m sure you can’t wait to lay your hands on the new iPhone 11 and other Apple devices.

It is such an exciting time! And once you have a new phone, you can give your old iPhone to someone (a friend or family member) or sell it at a profit.

Change Your Old iPhones

One of the advantages of the iPhone is that the older models tend to have a much higher price tag (especially if you’re still lucky enough to have all of the original packagings).

It is the best way to sell it at the highest possible price. After you buy a new iPhone, you need to decide what to do with your old Apple device.

If you’re ready to sell or give it away, especially to a stranger in the free market, you should delete all important data from your iPhone and make sure you don’t leave anything important behind.

How to Clean Your iPhone

When you deploy your device, all of your data, account password and other confidential information are associated with it.

Why are you taking a security risk even if you give it to a good friend or family member (After all, what if they take it off the street?)

You might be wondering what do I need to do before selling my iPhone? Here you will find a useful checklist to help you hand over your old iPhone to a third party.

Unpair Your iPhone

If you’ve paired your iPhone with other devices like the Apple Watch, unpack it quickly.

Secure your iPhone with iTunes or iCloud.  This is the first basic step. A full backup ensures that everything you have can be restored to your new device.

Backup in iTunes

Open iTunes on your computer > Connect to your iPhone> iTunes (on PC / Mac), click the name of your device > Summary tab> Back up> Now click “Back up”.

Important tip: Make sure that “Encrypt iPhone backup” is deactivated in order to delete the access code saved from the backup.

This way, when restoring a backup for a new iPhone, you don’t need to enter a password to get started. This is a very important step To Do Before Selling Your iPhone.

Backup in iCloud

Open the Settings app on your iPhone > tap iCloud> scroll down and tap Storage & Backup > make sure the switch for iCloud backup is on> then tap Backup.

Turn off Find My iPhone

If you activate “iCloud” or “Find my iPhone“, the activation lock is probably activated on your phone.

This is a powerful anti-theft feature that requires activation of the original Apple ID to activate the phone for the new user.

If you sell your iPhone without disabling the function, the buyer cannot use the phone.

SignOut from Your iCloud, iTunes, and the App Store Accounts

This ensures that your contacts, calendar, documents, photos and other content such as your iCloud server and the devices connected to iCloud (such as your iPad or laptop) are not deleted after deleting your iPhone.  ,

Remove the photos from the filmstrip

Connect the device to your computer > Image capture or iPhoto > Select all photos > Click Import all.

After importing into iPhoto, choose “Delete Photo from iPhone“.  If the “Delete items after download” option no longer appear in Image Capture, turn off Photos in iCloud on your Mac and iPhone, and then restart both devices.

Delete Apps, a Normal Reset Should Make This Clear

An additional precaution is to ensure that all traces of cached and login / personal information (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) associated with these apps can be stored on your iPhone.

  • Sign out of iCloud, iMessage, and FaceTime
  • Disable iMessage> Application Settings> Message> iMessage>.
  • Disable FaceTime> App Settings> FaceTime> Disable.
  • Deactivate your iCloud account> tap Settings> iCloud> “Sign out”.
  • Tap Apple ID> App Settings> App & iTunes Storage> Apple ID and sign out.

Restore factory settings

Open the Settings > General > Reset > Clear all content and settings app. Confirm and your iPhone will reset, turn off and restart.

Important tip: If your phone’s battery runs out during the “Restore factory settings” step, delete the data using iTunes. Connect the device to your computer and restore the backup. Go to Settings> General> Reset> Clear all content and settings again.

This is a very important step To Do Before Selling Your iPhone.

Unregister Your Device

Email Apple.com and disable iMessage if you switch to a non-Apple phone.

Call your Carrier, Ask them to disconnect the device from their account to transfer the service to the new owner.

If you follow all the steps above, you can sell your iPhone or give it to a friend or loved one. You can also try selling your device anywhere, even at Apple.

If you’ve heard of this before, and you already have your new iPhone say, “It’s great, but I don’t have my iPhone anymore”, don’t worry. There is always a way to protect your data.

You can remotely wipe your device

If you configure “Find my iPhone” under “icloud.com/#find“> “Connect”, click on all devices.  Select the phone/device you want to delete.  Click “Delete” to be entered)> Click Delete Accounts.

If any of the above is no longer possible, you can change your Apple ID password.

This will not delete any personal information stored on your old device, but the new owner cannot delete your information from iCloud.


Share these tips with others. If your friends and relatives are planning to buy a new iPhone share this post with them even if they don’t get a new iPhone.

Because sooner or later you want to get a new phone and at least know something about what to do before you let go of your phone, protect your data.

I believe you know now What To Do Before Selling Your iPhone.

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