REVIEWSWhy Vyncs Is a Great Choice for Businesses

Why Vyncs Is a Great Choice for Businesses

Why Vyncs Is a Great Choice for Businesses.

Vyncs is a popular connected car GPS tracking product that helps you keep track of your vehicles at work and home along with the loved ones in your family, Vyncs Fleet is the commercial version of Vyncs designed for businesses that own vehicles.

Vyncs Fleet offers state-of-the-art 4G+ real-time GPS vehicle tracking for commercial fleets with the latest technology and exclusive features. Vyncs is the #1 best-selling vehicle GPS tracker on many platforms such as Amazon with 2000+ 5 star reviews and is supported in 200+ countries worldwide.

The Vyncs Link device comes with a vehicle GPS tracker app interface that you can connect with any smart device (Android/iOS/Alexa/Web) and a web account for computers design to track and control your vehicles.

Vyncs is patent protected (USPTO 7715961, USPTO 8478514). That means you are not infringing on any existing intellectual property when you are using Vyncs. Don’t put your business at financial risk, always use a product that is protected by patents.


Vyncs is ideal for businesses because of its complete vehicle tracking and vehicle health solutions features. Vyncs Fleet is a full service connected vehicle product that is loaded with features like real-time GPS vehicle tracking, custom dispatch location on the map, vehicle speed tracking, vehicle health monitoring, vehicle recall, fuel cost management, sub-fleet management, and much more.

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Vyncs Fleet can be connected to any number of vehicles. Once the device is connected to the vehicles, it collects data, analyzes that onboard the vehicle, and sends it to the owner’s account in the cloud over 4G wireless network in real-time. In this way, Fleet Managers/owners can view and monitor company vehicles used by employees.

Besides reliable real-time GPS tracking and location tracking, the device also includes data on trips, zone arrival/departure notifications, start/stop street addresses, live maps, anti-theft and tamper alerts, etc.

The geo-fencing feature alerts fleet managers when company vehicles enter or exit certain designated parameters, i.e. customized restricted areas. The curfew hours feature notifies Fleet Managers if the company vehicle is used after office hours, i.e. at customized restricted times.

Ignition on-and-off reporting allows Fleet Managers and account managers to check when, where, and for how long the drivers have stopped the vehicle. These features can help fleet managers monitor the use of their company resources by employees.

In addition to the real-time vehicle GPS tracker module, the Vyncs device also comes with an embedded 3-axis accelerometer chip that allows it to measure acceleration, braking, and collision events in a car.

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Vyncs provides in-depth information about driving safety, vehicle performance reporting, fuel reporting, emergency roadside assistance, maintenance reminders, etc. Fleet Managers can check their drivers’ rapid acceleration, harsh braking, and rough cornering on a map. With Vyncs, they can also view the frequency of their drivers’ speeding with the speeding histogram, which shows how much time the driver spends in certain speed ranges and how much the driver is truly idling (i.e. vehicle not moving but engine running).

Fleet Managers can also evaluate drivers with the Vyncs Driver Score, which Vyncs calculates from how safe each driving trip is over time. Besides unsafe driving alerts and charts, Vyncs also sends alerts for near-empty fuel tanks if the vehicle supports this feature.

Vyncs collects the vehicle trouble code data supported by the OBD-II port, (usually located below the dashboard) so that you are the first to know exactly what’s happening with your vehicle before it becomes a major issue. Vyncs also send tamper alerts if your device has been plugged back into your car’s OBD-II port after being removed. Accessing the OBD-II port allows Vyncs to collect detailed reports about your vehicle such as engine lights, emission data, vehicle manufacturer recall notices, vehicle, maintenance, and performance, etc.

Vyncs provides an OBD-II extension cable for connecting the Vyncs device with the OBD-II port to collect upgraded information. Vyncs also offers a 12V Power Adapter cable for installing the Vyncs device for businesses that use non-OBD-compliant light or heavy-duty vehicles.

Vyncs Fleet device not only allows Fleet Managers control over company vehicles but can also save their company a lot of money. When Vyncs is connected to your car, you will be able to receive push notifications that alert you of low or empty fuel levels. Besides reminding you to refuel, the device also locates and suggests gas stations nearby based on what has been working best for your vehicle.

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Along with fuel cost savings, there may also be Tax Benefits with Vyncs. When a company vehicle is driven for a certain number of miles for business purposes, you may also be eligible for tax benefit. Check with your tax consultant for finding out if you are eligible for this. Vyncs Fleet 4G+ tracks and records mileage that you can download in an excel-friendly format for your tax filing.

You can also save with safety reports from Vyncs that help you protect your vehicle and get insurance benefits. And finally, with the recall feature that requires information as vehicle make, model, and year, Vyncs can also be useful when you choose to sell your vehicles.

Vyncs Fleet 4G+ supports connecting any number of vehicles as well as managing multiple sub-fleets within the same account and corresponding sub-fleet managers with due access control. This means that Fleet Managers or owners can delegate monitoring by appointing their subordinates as sub-managers on the same account without giving them edit rights.

Vyncs Fleet device is a valuable tool for any business, irrespective of the industry. By allowing multiple users to track a dispatch map via the same account, companies like logistics, transportation, restaurants, and delivery can easily coordinate and plan their day-to-day trips more efficiently. Law enforcement police vehicles and emergency services like ambulance or fire brigade can surely appreciate the vehicle tracking alert notifications.

Plumbing, mining, and construction companies have truly benefited from our vehicle GPS tracker, especially to locate and plan multiple heavy-duty vehicles on large sites. Our devices have proven useful for educational institutes, hospitals, and many other industries.

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